Medical Preparation

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Med Prep Program is to assist area high school students with an interest in pursuing a healthcare career to explore the language and culture of health care via volunteerism, on the job training, Nurse Aide, and CPR certifications.

Program Learning Outcomes (Curriculum Maps)

A curriculum map is a graphical illustration of the relationship between a program’s courses and the program’s student learning outcomes. Curriculum maps at Aims Community College identify the program’s mission statement (red), program-learning goals (dark gray), and expected program student learning outcomes (light gray). In addition, Aims’ curriculum maps indicate where learning outcomes are introduced, reinforced, and mastered.

The Medical Preparation Program is a partnership between Aims Community College and local school districts. It is a scholarship package that allows junior and senior high school students to simultaneously earn credit toward a college degree or certificate while obtaining credit toward a high school diploma. It is a series of 12 credits during two semesters that prepares the student to enter or explore health care careers.

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will also earn five certificates:

Students will identify personal strengths and weaknesses, take a transferable Medical Terminology course and develop a portfolio that includes building a resume.

Med Prep Mission

To assist the high school student by exploring the language and culture of Healthcare through on the job training, Nurse Aide, First Aid and CPR certifications.