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Medical preparation students at Aims Community College

Medical Preparation

Explore Healthcare Careers in High School and Earn Dual Credit With the Aims Medical Prep Certificate Program

Are you a high school student interested in a healthcare career?  The medical preparation certificate program at Aims is a great way to explore different aspects of healthcare including emergency response, medical terminology and nurse aide skills. Gain real-world experience through volunteering and on-the-job training.

“If you think you might be interested in an allied health career, med prep is a really great option, because we will start you with a success seminar to bridge the gap between high school and college. ” --Heather Brown, Aims medical preparation instructor

In this allied health certificate program, you will:

  • Learn the language and culture of healthcare
  • Simultaneously earn 12 high school and college credits
  • Earn six healthcare certificates
  • Develop a portfolio, including building a resume
  • Get hands-on experience during a 30-hour clinical internship

With lectures, labs and a 30-hour clinical rotation, the medical preparation certificate program provides a foundation for learning about different aspects of healthcare. You’ll also build a portfolio and learn how to create a resume to present during an on-campus job fair. The medical prep program meets Monday through Thursday each week.

Earn a Medical Preparation Certificate at Aims and Learn About Healthcare Careers

Aims Degree Video - Allied Health - Medical Prep Certificate

Heather Brown, professor of medical preparation at Aims, describes how the med prep program helps high school students explore healthcare careers while earning college credits and getting job preparation support.

Study Healthcare Careers While Earning College Credit and Allied Health Certificates at Aims

The Aims medical preparation program is a partnership between Aims Community College and local high school districts. Med prep is a merit-based full scholarship program, and all associated costs are covered, including tuition and fees, books, supplies such as scrubs, and health and background checks. 

This certificate program includes a combination of classroom learning, labs and a 30-hour clinical rotation working with patients in your community. 

In this program, you’ll earn six certificates:

  • Introduction to Allied Health
  • Medical Preparation
  • Nurse Aide
  • Healthcare Readiness and Professionalism
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support
  • American Heart Association First Aid

As part of the med prep certificate program at Aims, you'll earn a nurse aide certificate that qualifies you to sit for a certification exam to become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) so you can get a job in healthcare after completing the program. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Certified Nurse Aide in Colorado earns an average of $27,370 per year. 

The med prep certificate program also offers an excellent opportunity to explore and prepare for other healthcare careers, including nursing, radiologic technology, clinical medical assisting and surgical technology -- all while earning 12 hours of dual high school and college credit.

Upon admission, you’ll start with a success seminar that helps you bridge the gap between high school and college. Study medical terminology, emergency response, CPR and nurse aide skills. During a 30-hour internship, you’ll have the chance to apply everything you’ve learned while working with patients in a clinical setting in the community.

Earn College Credit and Gain Professional Healthcare Skills in the Medical Preparation Certificate Program

The Aims med prep program is a merit scholarship dual enrollment program for high school students to earn college credit and several healthcare certificates, including:

  • Introduction to Allied Health Certificate
  • Nurse Aide Certificate
  • Healthcare Readiness and Professionalism Certificate

Aims Medical Preparation Faculty and Staff

The Aims medical preparation faculty are experienced in various medical disciplines and will bring that experience to life for you in the classroom and lab. Smaller class sizes offer you ample opportunities for one-on-one instruction and guided practice learning new healthcare skills. 

  • Portrait of Shelly Powell

    Shelly Powell

    Professor, Nurse Aide, Med Prep
  • Portrait of Heather Brown

    Heather Brown

    Professor, Nurse Aide, Med Prep
  • Kerry Noble headshot

    Kerry Noble

    Professor, Nurse Aide, Med Prep