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Applied Technology

Earn an Associate Degree in Applied Technology

If you are interested in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) or trades career, the Aims applied technology associate degree program will start you on the path with a well-rounded education. The applied technology degree program allows you to choose an area of focus in a technical or trade specialty, including engineering, manufacturing technology, welding and computer information systems, among others.

Working with a Pathway Advisor to select the right courses to meet your goals, you also have the option to complete your coursework either at Aims or at any fully-accredited college or Area Vocational School (AVS). This degree option is also good for students who have earned certificates or taken significant coursework in a particular subject area and want to earn an associate degree that reflects their chosen career path. 

Earn an applied technology degree at Aims and prepare for a career in a trade or technical field.

Choose an Applied Technology Subject Area Tailored to Your Goals

The Aims applied technology degree program allows you to earn 45 credit hours in career and technical education subjects of interest to you. 

The following prefixes are designed to help guide you in finding courses to fulfill the Career and Technical Education (CTE) category requirement for the applied technology associate degree. Pathway Advisors are a great resource for more information and assistance in deciding which courses to choose to earn your degree.

AAA - Advanced Academic Achievement
ACC - Accounting
ACT - Auto Collision Technology
AEC - Architecture/Engineering/Construction
AGB - Agriculture Business
AGE - Agriculture Economics
AGP - Agriculture Production
AGR - Agriculture
AGY - Agriculture Crop/Soils
AME - Agriculture Mechanics
ASC - Animal Science
ASE - Auto Service Technology
AVT - Aviation Technology
BTE - Business Technology
BUS - Business
CAD - Computer Assisted Drafting
CAR - Carpentry
CIS - Computer Information Systems
CNG - Computer and Network Technology
CSC - Computer Science
CWB - Computer Web Based
DPM - Diesel Power Mechanics
EGG - Engineering
EIC - Electrical Industrial/Commercial
ELT - Electronics
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
ENY - Energy Technology
FST - Fire Science Technology
FVM - Film and Video Technology
GIS - Geography Information Systems
HLT - Horticulture
HPE - Human Performance and Exercise
HPR - Health Professions
HWE - Health and Wellness
JOU - Journalism
LEA - Law Enforcement Academy
MAC - Machining
MAN - Management
MAP - Medical Assisting Professional
MAR - Marketing
MGD - Multimedia Graphic Design 
MOT - Medical Office Professional
MTE - Manufacturing Technology 
NRE - Natural Resources
NUA - Nurse Aide
NUR - Nursing
PET - Petroleum Technology
PRO - Process Technology
REE - Real Estate 
RTE - Radiologic Technology
RTV - Radio and Television 
SPI - Sterile Processing Technology
STE - Surgical Technology
UPH - Upholstery
WEL - Welding Technology

Launch Your Applied Technology Career

Earning an applied technology associate degree prepares you for a career in your chosen field. General education courses round out your learning experience and build critical thinking and communication skills. 

Potential careers in applied technology include:

  • Computer systems analyst
  • Welding technologist
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) professional