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Fire AcademyRequirements

Aims Fire Academy Certificate Requirements

The Aims Fire Academy is a 15-week program that prepares you for Colorado Firefighter 1 and Hazmat state certifications. Day and night classes are available. When combined with an EMT certificate, you will be qualified to start your career as a firefighter.

Study requirements for basic firefighter certification in Colorado. Learn Level I Hazmat operations, including hazardous materials incidents, recognizing and identifying hazardous materials, planning response, implementing response procedures and decision making. A clinical course gives you hands-on experience applying what you’ve learned.

See the Fire Academy Information Packet for the latest information.

You must meet with an advisor before applying to the Aims Fire Academy. Contact an advisor to get started.

Row Groupings Certificate Requirements: Credits

Addresses the requirements necessary to perform at the first level of progression as identified in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001, Firefighter Professional Qualifications. This is a lecture and lab course for meeting the NFPA 1001, level I, standard. . Students are required to have professional level CPR certification to enroll in this course. Course is not repeatable for credit. tuition rates apply

Course Prerequisites

Professional level CPR certification


Offers the clinical practicum to apply the related fire science technology. Differential tuition rates apply. Course is repeatable with a maximum of 12 credit hours.

0 to 12
Student must take Students must take 1 credit in FST 1070 for this certificate.
Total Credits for Certificate 13