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Certificate programs are a great way to explore a subject area at a lower cost than degree programs. In just six credit hours, you’ll have a Journalism Writing Certificate that you can add to your resume, along with concrete professional writing and reporting skills you can use immediately.

Journalism Certificate

Gain skills in the fundamentals of news reporting, writing and editing. Explore the different beats that journalists cover and learn how to do research, conduct interviews, and write and edit like a reporter.

Row Groupings Certificate Requirements: Credits

(Formerly called Fundamentals of Reporting) Introduces newswriting, reporting and interviewing with an emphasis on clarity, accuracy, completeness, timeliness and fairness. Three credits.


Presents how to gather information as an investigative reporter through research of local, state and federal government publications; how to cover police beat and city hall; how our courts and regulatory agencies function; and how to cover other challenges such as the environment, religion, science, medical, public safety and business. Three credits.

Course Prerequisites

OU 106 with a grade of "C" or better

Total Credits for Certificate 6