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Students chat during an automotive class at Aims Community College

Master Automobile Diesel

Earn a Diesel Mechanic Associate Degree at Aims

Are you passionate about vehicles, and do you want to learn how to repair them? Learn what makes diesel vehicles unique, including diesel cars, light trucks and heavy equipment. Gain the skills to troubleshoot, service and make diesel vehicles run smoothly and earn an associate degree in diesel technology from Aims.

The Aims diesel mechanic degree program is based on the Windsor campus at the Aims Automotive and Technology Center. You’ll get hands-on experience using the latest diesel diagnostic and repair equipment in this state-of-the-art 45,000 square-foot facility, including a separate diesel auto shop room with a heavy lift.

The Aims automotive department offers comprehensive tours where you can ask questions and see the equipment you’ll use while earning your diesel mechanic degree. 

Hone your diagnostic skills by working directly on various light diesel vehicles using advanced shop equipment and industry-leading Snap-on tools. Learn in a real-world environment and graduate prepared for a successful career with the technical skills and essential tools to do the job.

After the first year of the Aims diesel mechanic associates degree program, you’ll gain the technical skills to find a part-time job as you work to complete your diesel mechanic degree. Your instructors can facilitate this work experience so you can learn what it’s like to work in a light diesel repair shop. During your degree program, you’ll also learn how to create a resume and build a portfolio to show to prospective employers after you graduate. 

The Aims automotive programs are accredited by the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation. As you progress through the diesel mechanic degree program, you’ll also get the chance to earn ASE certifications. These third-party industry certifications give you an advantage in the automotive diesel job market after graduation as a master automobile diesel service technician.

If you want to learn how to repair light diesel vehicles and gain the professional skills needed to find employment, earn a diesel mechanic associate degree at Aims and start your career. 

Gain the Hands-on Technical Skills You Need to Start a Career in Diesel Automotive Service

The five-semester Aims diesel mechanic degree program combines classroom knowledge with extensive hands-on learning in the Aims Automotive and Technology Center shop. You’ll start by learning the basics common to automotive and diesel cars and light pickups, emphasizing safety throughout. After that, you’ll learn the advanced topics and techniques needed to succeed in the diesel marketplace. 

Gain essential diesel diagnostic and repair knowledge and skills that will help you start your career, including:

  • Diesel fuels and fuel systems
  • Braking systems
  • Diesel air induction and exhaust systems
  • Engine diagnostics, repair and maintenance
  • Compression electronics
  • Powertrains

The Aims diesel mechanic associate degree program also teaches practical soft skills that employers want to see, including professionalism, leadership and effective communication.

The Aims automotive department works with various local and national industry partners to help you find part-time employment during school or launch your career after graduation.

These industry partners include:

Earn Snap-on Tools While Earning College Credit in the Aims Diesel Mechanic Associate Degree Program

Some of the Snap-on tools you’ll earn from each class as you progress through the diesel mechanic degree program include:

  • Nine-piece wrench set
  • Adjustable torque wrench
  • General service socket wrench set
  • Adjustable joint interlocking channel wrench
  • Digital multimeter

By the time you complete your first year, you’ll acquire enough tools to get an entry-level job as a diesel service technician. 

Get Excited About Your Future in Automotive with Aims Events and the Full Throttle Club

Gain Diesel Automotive Skills with a Diesel Mechanic Certificate at Aims

Earning a certificate lets you explore or focus on a specific subject area, including diagnosing and repairing diesel vehicles. At Aims, you can either pursue a diesel mechanic associate degree or earn a standalone diesel mechanic certificate in less time than the degree program. After earning a certificate, if you decide to pursue a degree, you can apply the Aims diesel mechanic certificate courses toward earning your diesel mechanic associate degree.

  • Diesel Automotive Certificate

Launch Your Career in Diesel Technology

If you want to learn the technology and skills to repair the various systems that make diesel vehicles run smoothly, the Aims diesel mechanic associate degree program can help you start your career. 

Get the training you’ll need to begin your career working in the light diesel industry, including roles related to diesel vehicles and heavy equipment:

  • Diesel power mechanic
  • Fleet mechanic
  • Sales representative
  • Parts specialist
  • Manufacturing
  • Dealership management
$52,883 Median salary w/associate Source:

Master Automobile Diesel Faculty and Staff

Learn from instructors with professional experience who want to see you succeed academically and professionally. The master automotive diesel faculty at Aims can help you learn what it takes to succeed in a high-demand industry.

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    Larry Baker

    Professor, Automotive Service Technology
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    Dan Sisson

    Professor, Automotive Service Technology