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Media WritingCertificates

Certificate programs are a great way to explore a subject area at a lower cost with less time commitment than degree programs. The Video Writing Certificate introduces students to the craft of media writing within six credit hours over the length of two semesters. This standalone certificate provides skills you can use immediately and can also be applied to the Media Writing degree if you choose to continue your education.

Video Writing Certificate

Learn writing skills unique to radio and television and how to write corporate video scripts. Gain skills in professional scriptwriting techniques, format and style for TV, radio and corporate scripts.

Row Groupings Certificate Requirements: Credits

Explores writing techniques for television and radio emphasizing professional techniques, format and style. Course is not repeatable for credit.


Focuses on scriptwriting formats and techniques as they apply to creating corporate and institutional video productions and other broadcast and non-broadcast television productions. Course is not repeatable for credit.

Total Credits for Certificate 6