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  • Gain skills to prepare for work as a construction manager. Study construction project management principles, including project tracking and control methods and budget and cost analysis and learn various construction project scheduling methods.
  • Learn basic methods of construction management. Gain skills in building materials, construction techniques, blueprint reading, construction equipment, and basic construction management and scheduling principles.
  • Biology

    Associate of Science
    Learn the fundamental molecular, cellular and genetic principles characterizing plants and animals. Study the principles of ecology, evolution, classification, structure, and function in plants and animals. This is a liberal arts degree with designation (DWD).
  • Develop key bookkeeping skills such as how to maintain records and establish accounts. Learn the basics of accounting and legal compliance that can be applied to any business.
  • Brakes Certificate

    Learn the basics of how automobile brakes work and how to repair them and apply your skills in an auto shop lab course. Study auto shop safety, disc and drum friction assemblies, basic hydraulic braking systems, anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and traction control systems.
  • Business

    Associate of Arts
    The Aims business liberal arts degree is designed for students who want to transfer to a participating public Colorado four-year school to pursue a bachelor’s degree. With this business associate of arts degree with designation, you can earn the first two years of credit toward your four-year degree at Aims at a fraction of the cost. This is a liberal arts degree with designation (DWD).
  • Business Management

    Associate of Applied Science
    Study foundational principles of management, sales, marketing, organizational behavior, leadership, corporate ethics and social responsibility as well as legal environment of business, negotiation and conflict resolution. Gain hands-on skills in accounting principles and spreadsheets and learn about team building and human resource management.
  • This administrative assistant certificate program gives you the comprehensive knowledge and necessary skills to begin your career. Study business basics, master popular business software programs and learn office management and teamwork methods.