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  • Media Writing

    Associate of Applied Science
    Students receive an introduction to mass media and learn about its influence in a democracy along with the basics of news writing, reporting and interviewing and investigative reporting. The media writing degree teaches techniques to write for television and radio as well as scriptwriting for corporate and institutional video productions.
  • Music - Liberal Arts

    Associate of Arts
    Embrace your love of music while gaining the skills you need to start your career in this art form that teaches us, moves us and brings us together. This 2-year program prepares you to complete your bachelor's degree at a 4-year school before starting your future as a performance artist, composer, music therapist, music instructor, band/choir director or music producer. This is a liberal arts degree with designation (DWD).
  • Nursing

    Associate of Applied Science
    Study fundamental and advanced nursing skills including microbiology, pharmacology, surgical nursing, maternal-child nursing and psychiatric and mental health nursing. Train to prepare for the NCLEX RN exam, which will allow you to apply for jobs as a Registered Nurse.
  • Oil and Gas Technologies

    Associate of Applied Science
    Study the petroleum industry and duties and responsibilities of oil and gas production technicians and process technicians, their work environment, equipment, systems and instruments as well as energy technologies in use and in development today. Learn about construction site hazards and unsafe practices, related health and safety regulations and standards, and loss and theft prevention.
  • Paramedic

    Associate of Applied Science
    Study advanced concepts in cardiology, including EKG concepts, rhythms and diagnoses, advanced pharmacology, IV fluid therapy, and medical and trauma emergencies with lectures coinciding with a hands-on emergency scenario lab session. Clinical rotations give you hands-on training in a wide variety of hospital departments.
  • Philosophy - Liberal Arts

    Associate of Arts
    Get introduced to the theoretical and practical questions, meaning and methods of philosophy, ethics and logic. Study the concepts, ideas and implications within religious world views and theories of value of the natural world and ideas of death and dying. This is a liberal arts degree with designation (DWD).
  • Physics - Liberal Arts

    Associate of Science
    Study kinematics, dynamics, and conservation laws applying classical physics to both mathematical and conceptual problems including 1D and 2D kinematics, Newton’s Laws, rotational motion, energy and work, momentum and impulse, and simple harmonic motion. Learn the physics of electricity and magnetism using conceptual and mathematical reasoning, including calculus, Maxwell’s equations, waves and time-varying circuits. This is a liberal arts degree with designation (DWD).
  • Police Studies

    Associate of Applied Science
    Working as a police officer requires honesty and integrity when working with the public and conducting investigations. The Aims Police studies program teaches you how to deal with the challenges and highlights of police work as you undergo rigorous physical and academic training to prepare for the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) exam.
  • Study political philosophy and ideology, democratic and non-democratic governments and processes, and international relations, the U.S. Constitution, the philosophy of American government, general principles of the Constitution, federalism, and civil liberties. Learn about public opinion and citizen participation, political parties, interest groups, electoral process, and the structure and functions of the national government along with domestic political systems, developments, themes, and events across developed and developing countries and regions while applying the comparative method to identify similarities and differences. This is a liberal arts degree with designation (DWD).
  • Production Agriculture

    Associate of Applied Science
    Study the foundations of the soil science and crop production systems that underlie all agricultural production and ensure healthy plant growth for the global food system. You’ll gain an understanding of both large- and small-scale production, soil and growing conditions, and learn the fundamentals of planning, planting and managing crops.