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Aims oil and gas student training at oil facility

Oil and Gas Technologies

Earn an Oil and Gas Technologies Degree at Aims

Are you interested in working with technology to help get energy to people while being mindful of sustainability? That interest is exactly what you need to begin a career with an oil and gas technologies associate degree from Aims. 

The Oil & Gas Associate of Applied Science degree is designed to prepare employees for entry-level positions in several areas of the oil & gas industry, including exploration, drilling, and production. Those interested in learning more about oil & natural gas processing (refining) should check out the Industrial Technology program at Aims.

The Aims oil and gas degree program utilizes hands-on training to develop the skills you need to be ready for a rewarding career in the petroleum industry upon graduation. If working within the oil and gas sector sounds exciting, whether in a 9-5 office environment or getting your hands dirty out in the field, earning your oil and gas technologies associate degree is a great way to get started.

"I was going to go straight into the oil field when I found out about the program at Aims. I saw it as an opportunity to get a degree in something I wanted to do. The technology and equipment that was available helped simulate real-life things that could happen, and having instructors that had actual experience in the field was beneficial."
--Derek, Aims Oil and Gas Technologies Program Graduate

Gain Hands-On and Technological Skills to Start a Career in Oil and Gas

The Aims oil and gas program is based in our state-of-the-art Applied Technology and Trades Center. Here you'll work with trainers, which are scaled-down simulated workstations for process technicians. We offer day and evening classes so you can achieve your goals when it's convenient for you.

Gain hands-on knowledge and technological skills in oil and gas by studying subjects including:

  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Petroleum Fundamentals
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Solar Heating
  • Wind Energy Systems
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Environmental Issues and Ethics

The Aims oil and gas technologies degree program also teaches soft skills that employers want from new hires, including time management, professionalism, teamwork, business ethics and critical thinking. 

Earn an Oil and Gas Technologies Certificate

A certificate is a great way to begin building credit towards an associate degree, or to explore a career possibility before committing to a full program. 

Aims oil and gas technologies certificate courses can also apply toward earning a oil and gas technologies associate degree.

  • Introduction to Oil and Gas Technologies Certificate
  • Oil and Gas Production Technologies Certificate

Launch Your Oil and Gas Career

As the world's primary fuel sources, oil and natural gas are major industries in the energy market. This industry supports millions of American jobs where new technologies and a trained workforce continue to drive the growth of the nation's energy companies. At Aims, the technology and equipment available for students to learn on is expansive so you'll be prepared for entry-level positions.

And if you're looking for a job close to home, the oil and gas industry is investing millions of dollars into developing oil and gas resources here in Weld County. This activity will create good-paying jobs in our own backyards for the next 20 to 30 years. We partner with companies like Covenant Testing Technologies, Halliburton, Noble Energy, Northern Plains Trucking, Select Energy and others to make sure you get the skills you'll need to get hired, stay on and move up. 

Be ready to enter the workforce to build toward a career such as the following:

  • Energy Trader
  • Environmental Advisor
  • Facility Operations and Maintenance Manager
  • Engineer
  • Field Worker
  • Geoscience Professional
  • Drafting Technologist
$52,971 Roustabout median salary w/associate Source:
Oil & Gas - Student Testimonial - Cody LeBlanc
Watch Aims graduate Cody LeBlanc talk about his time at Aims Community College and his journey through the Oil & Gas Technologies program.

Watch Aims graduate Cody LeBlanc talk about his time at Aims Community College and his journey through the Oil & Gas Technologies program.

Oil and Gas Technologies Faculty and Staff

  • Jeffrey Harrington

    Part-Time: Faculty, Industrial Technology
  • Megan Blaser headshot

    Megan Blaser

    Program Coordinator II, Agriculture & Technology
  • David Sordi headshot

    David Sordi

    Department Chair, Industrial Technology and Oil & Gas
  • Mindy Allmer headshot

    Mindy Allmer

    Staff Associate, Business & Technology