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The future of Aims is bright as the student population grows and new facilities are built to meet their needs. The Welcome Center and the Student Commons on our Greeley campus have been updated with innovative features that elevate a student's experience. The "Take a Seat" program allows you to commemorate student achievements, memorialize a loved one, or acknowledge an individual’s contributions to Aims.

Example of Seat Plate on front of seat
Example of Seat Plate on seat back

Every gift received through these opportunities directly supports the growth of the College Promise Scholarship Endowment.  We aim to raise enough funds to support over 2,000 students each year. For more information, please contact the Foundation at (970) 339-6556 or email

Take a Seat
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All Seat Plate options allow up to 20 characters per line of text, including blank spaces. A character is any letter, number, symbol, or punctuation mark found on a standard English keyboard. All text will be automatically centered and engraved in UPPERCASE letters.

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Max 20 Characters
Max 20 Characters

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Websites, phone numbers, commercialization, and/or manifestos are not permitted. Discriminatory, political, offensive, or inappropriate messages will be declined. Aims Foundation reserves the right to approve all inscriptions prior to production.