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Aims graduates in caps and gowns gather in the Welcome Center after spring 2023 commencement cermonyOne hour + one application = 100+ scholarships. It's that easy. 

The Aims Foundation Scholarship Application period is November 1 to March 1.

To learn more and verify deadline dates, visit the Aims Scholarship Portal.

Applying for scholarships to help you pay for your education doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips that will make completing your application easier so you can focus on your studies. 

Tip #1: Getting to the Application

  • Go to Aims Scholarship Application
  • Fill in your Aims ID and password
  • You should now be logged into the general application! This is the ONLY application you need to fill out to apply for all of the Aims Foundation's 100+ scholarships.

Tip #2: Demographic Info and Scholarship Matching

  • Provide your legal name, not a nickname.
  • Make sure you answer honestly and accurately.
  • Be honest, the selection committee appreciates knowing who you are and your story.
  • Confirm your household income. Don’t guess! 

Scholarship App Question #18:

What is your most recent cumulative high school GPA (on a 4.00 scale), if applicable?


  • Be sure to include your high school GPA if you do not yet have a college GPA.
  • If you do have a college GPA and remember your high school GPA, you may enter that as well.

Scholarship App Questions 23 + 24:

What degree or certificate do you intend to earn at Aims? and What is your current or intended major at Aims?


  • Carefully select your area of study to ensure proper scholarship matching.
  • If you need clarification, your advisor can provide guidance. 

If you are not sure how to answer one of the questions, please email or call (970) 339-6548

This scholarship offers more than just easing the financial burden of returning to school, it offers hope. I am eternally grateful for the hope offered by this scholarship and will someday be able to return that favor to someone else.
--Jodi – Aims Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Tip #3: Personal Statements

All apps are read by multiple administrators including Foundation board members, professors, and community members. 

  • Be professional.
  • Please use complete sentences.
  • Give yourself enough time to write multiple drafts and select your favorite.
  • Proofread your statement before submitting it.
  • Have someone else read over your personal statement. 

Tip #4: Activities

  • Please only include the types of activities the application asks for, which include volunteer work, honors/awards, and leadership roles.
  • Volunteer work includes any unpaid community service, such as helping in a community garden, at a library or your church.
  • Honors/awards include anything you were selected for or applied for.
  • Leadership roles include any position that involves mentoring/supervising/coaching other people.
  • If an activity can fall under more than one category, select the most appropriate category.
  • If you don’t have any awards, honors or leadership roles, that’s okay! Just leave that section blank.

Tip #5: References

  • Coaches, teachers, professors, volunteer managers, supervisors, family, and friends all make great references.
  • Seek permission from your reference before putting down their information.
  • Make sure you have your reference's preferred email address.
  • Follow up with your reference after completing the application to make sure they received the email and have provided a recommendation.
  • Show gratitude by sending a handwritten thank you note. It might mean an even better reference in the future!

TIP #6: After the Award

  • If you are selected for a scholarship, you are required to write a thank you note with at least two paragraphs to the donor who funds your scholarship.
  • Please be sincere and thoughtful with your thank you.
  • Writing a thank you note shows your appreciation.
  • Letters should be addressed to the donor(s) and neatly handwritten or typed.

Need More Help?

You can get the help you need through campus services that include:

If you have questions please contact the financial aid office at or call (970) 339-6548.