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A group of students doing math problems at a whiteboard

The Aims Math Department Helps You Build Skills for Success

Mathematics is a language of its own. Math teaches us how to think and to understand the world around us. The Aims Mathematics Department helps you acquire the math and problem-solving skills you'll need to succeed in nearly any profession. 

Aims offers three general types of math courses that vary depending on your level of math experience and goals:

  1. Math literacy courses for students who aren't yet ready for college-level math classes (Math 0250 and Math 0300)
  2. Math classes geared toward students earning certain career and technical education associate degrees who plan on entering the workforce after graduation (Math for Clinical Calculations, Career Math, Technical Mathematics and Financial Math)
  3. Math classes geared toward students earning liberal arts degrees, including transfer degrees such as the mathematics associate degree.

Find the Right Math Classes to Meet Your Goals

As a new Aims student, you'll take a math placement test to gauge your current skill level for math classes.

Next, you'll get help choosing math classes to help you fulfill the necessary requirements for your specific educational goals.

Once you begin taking math classes at Aims, your instructors will support and guide you toward understanding of concepts and encourage you to ask questions and seek additional assistance as needed.

Students standing at a whiteboard working together on a math problem

Earn an Associate Degree in Math at Aims

Delve into college-level mathematics in smaller classes with instructors dedicated to your success.

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Gain Math Knowledge and Skills to Prepare You to Earn a Bachelor's Degree

Aims offers math courses designed to prepare you to go on to earn a bachelor's degree in either mathematics or other subjects that emphasize math skills, such as the sciences, engineering or statistics.

Thanks to a statewide articulation agreement, you can earn an associate degree in mathematics and other subjects at Aims that is guaranteed to transfer to a participating public four-year school in Colorado.

Mathematics Faculty

Portrait of Marki Allegar

Marki Allegar

Associate Professor, Mathematics
Katie Brown

Katie Brown

Instructor, Mathematics
Portrait of Raymon Brown

Raymon Brown

Department Chair, Mathematics
Professor, Mathematics

Evan Czysz

Part-Time: Faculty, Mathematics
Portrait of Meha Darooka

Meha Darooka

Professor, Mathematics
Katey Ellis

Katey Ellis

Instructor, Mathematics
Portrait of  Amanda Holland

Amanda Toot

Part-Time: Faculty, Mathematics
Headshot of Julie Hopkins

Julie Hopkins

Part-Time: Faculty, Mathematics
Portrait of Michael Miller

Michael Miller

Professor, Mathematics
Steve Mills headshot

Steve Mills

Professor, Mathematics

Stacy Oldham

Part-Time Faculty: Mathematics
Portrait of Deborah Pearson

Deborah Pearson

Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
Headshot of Aims mathematics instructor Marcus Painter

Marcus Painter

Instructor, Mathematics

Hannah Sauceda

Part-Time: Substitute, Mathematics
Portrait of Janet Stapleton

Janet Stapleton

Professor, Mathematics

Trish Thomason

Part-Time: Faculty, Mathematics
Photo of Dan Van der Vieren.

Dan Van der Vieren

Instructor, Mathematics

Scott Warner

Part-Time: Faculty, Mathematics
Bryce Whitehead

Bryce Whitehead

Instructor, Mathematics

Claudia Winter

Part-Time: Faculty, Mathematics
John Withrow headshot

John Withrow

Faculty, Mathematics