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Mathematics is a language of its own. The Aims Mathematics Department helps you acquire the math and problem-solving skills you'll need to succeed in nearly any profession.

To start, we'll evaluate your current skill level for appropriate placement in the math class sequence. Next, we'll help you select the right classes to complete the necessary math requirements for your specific educational goals.

Prepare yourself to succeed in four-year degree programs

Our advanced math classes will prepare you for study in the following four-year degree programs:

  • Engineering – Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Computer and Mechanical
  • Mathematics – Applied and Theoretical
  • Education – Secondary and Elementary
  • Statistics – Applied Statistics, Actuary Science


Portrait of Janet Stapleton

Janet Stapleton

Department Chair - Mathematics
Professor, Mathematics
Portrait of Raymon Brown

Raymon Brown

Professor, Mathematics
Portrait of Michael Miller

Michael Miller

Professor, Mathematics
Portrait of Deborah Pearson

Deborah Pearson

Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
Portrait of Marki Allegar

Marki Allegar

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Portrait of Meha Darooka

Meha Darooka

Professor, Mathematics
Portrait of Warren Lemerich

Warren Lemerich

Instructor, Mathematics
Steve Mills headshot

Steve Mills

Professor, Mathematics
Photo of Dan Van der Vieren.

Dan Van der Vieren

Instructor, Mathematics
Katie Brown

Katie Brown

Instructor, Mathematics
Katey Ellis

Katey Ellis

Instructor, Mathematics