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Visual and Performing Arts

At Aims, you can choose from a variety of visual and performing arts programs that will give you the skills you need for a fulfilling and successful career. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint, play an instrument or want to work on improving your public speaking skills, consider taking a class for fun. If you'd like to earn a bachelor's degree in the arts, you can earn a liberal arts degree with designation and your courses will transfer to any participating public four-year Colorado school. 


Art classes at Aims introduce students to both studio and academic approaches to art. One can work with their hands while also engaging in analysis and criticism of works of art and architecture. Whether exploring for personal interest or pursuing a career in the arts, Aims provides a solid foundation in the skills it takes to make and enjoy works of art.

  • Fine Arts
  • Illustrator
  • Sculptor
  • Art Critic
  • Museum Curator
  • Teacher

Aims Visual Arts Faculty & Staff

Stephanie Newton headshot

Stephanie Newton

Department Chair - Visual and Performing Arts
Professor, Art History
Aims Community College art instructor Charles Luna

Charles Luna

Instructor, Art
Sonya Paukune headshot

Sonya PauKune

Professor, Art & Design
Aims Community College art and design instructor Jamie Autrey

Jamie Autrey

Part-Time: Faculty, Art & Design
Headshot of Aims Art and Women and Gender Studies instructor Charis Fleshner

Charis Fleshner

Part-Time Instructor: Art and Women and Gender Studies

Kris Heintz Nelson

Part-Time: Faculty, Art
Aims Community College art instructor Victoria Lisi

Victoria Lisi

Part-Time: Faculty, Art

Matthew McHugh

Part-Time: Substitute Teaching, Art

Kenneth Price

Part-Time: Faculty, Art & Design

Shana Salaff

Part-Time: Faculty, Art
Aims art and design instructor Henry Stinson

Henry Stinson

Part-Time: Faculty, Art & Design

Helen Villarreal

Part-Time Instructor, Continuing Education; Art Department Lab Coordinator
Aims Community College art and design instructor Robert Waltman

Robert Waltman

Part-Time: Faculty, Art & Design


Aims Community College music faculty smiling while standing near a piano

Music surrounds us every day. It's an art form that can teach us, move us and bring us together. The Aims music program gives you the opportunity to explore and learn in a friendly environment. Music courses help you develop your instrumental and performance skills while developing your understanding of the history of music in context of the time it was made. 

Career Opportunities

  • Performance Artist
  • Composer
  • Music Therapist
  • Music Instructor
  • Band or Choir Director
  • Producer

We offer an associate of arts degree with a music emphasis, but you don’t need to declare a music major to take private lessons or sign up for classes. All of our instructors have extensive experience in both teaching and performing, and we welcome all styles of music. By earning a liberal arts degree with designation in music, your credits will transfer to any participating Colorado public college, where you can go on to earn a bachelor's degree.

Faculty and Staff

Brooke Elzey

Brooke Elzey

Professor, Music
Headshot of Rick Busson

Richard Busson

Professor, Music
Headshot of Aims Voice instructor Patrice Burgstahler

Patrice Burgstahler

Adjunct Instructor, Voice
Headshot of Michael Carp

Michael Carp

Part-Time: Guest Lecturer, Music

Pablo Dos Santos Hernandez

Adjunct Instructor, Early College and Music

Dion Duran

Adjunct Instructor, Saxophone

Romina Monsanto Colina

Adjunct Instructor, Cello
A headshot of Aims Community College music instructor Darlene Mueller

Darlene Mueller

Adjunct Instructor, Voice
A headshot of Aims Community College music instructor Ivana Muncan

Ivana Muncan

Adjunct Instructor, Piano

Katilyn Rittner

Adjunct Instructor, Music Accompanist
Aims music instructor Sara Schuhardt headshot

Sara Schuhardt

Adjunct Instructor, Flute

Thomas Welander

Adjunct Instructor, Guitar

Stephanie Work

Adjunct Instructor, Violin


Theater classes are offered as part of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at Aims. While Aims does not offer an associate degree in theater, you can choose from several theater courses including acting and theatre production as electives or general education degree requirements. 

Theatre Faculty

Benjamin Kessler

Adjunct Faculty, Theatre