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Campus Safety and Security

Safety Resources

Safety and Emergency Resources

On this page you'll find links to safety and preparedness resources for Aims students, employees and visitors. 

For current emergency alerts, visit

Aims Safety and Security Information

An Aims counselor talks with a student during a counseling session

Find Mental Health Support at Aims

You can reach out to the Aims counselors if you need help with any personal struggle you are going through.
Call 970-339-6255 or email to connect with the team.

If you need immediate mental health support, call or text 988.

Connect with Aims Counseling Services

Understanding Potential Campus Emergencies and Hazards

It's a good safety practice to understand, prepare for and respond to potential emergencies and hazards that can occur on campus.

An active shooter or harmer incident involves one or more person seeking to harm others in a public place, whether with a gun, knife, bomb, vehicle or other means. These situations can be unpredictable and evolve quickly. Before an emergency like this happens, it's a good idea to be aware of your surroundings, including noting all exits to any buildings you enter. 

To report an active or suspected active harmer situation, call or text 911. 

For further reading, see the following:

Understand and learn the Standard Response Protocol

Aims Community College follows the Standard Response Protocol for all emergency situations, including active attacks. Learn this response protocol before a crisis happens so you can be informed and prepared.

See the Aims Emergency Alerts page for current campus updates and to learn the Standard Response Protocol that can help you respond to any crisis situation.

Other Safety and Emergency Preparedness Resources