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Career Services

Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty and staff play a critical role in helping Aims Community College students prepare for their career pathways. The following services and resources can inspire career conversations with students about topics such as soft skills development, resumes and interviews. At this time, Career Services has limited staff and although we are still able to offer classroom presentations and workshops, offering types and availability are limited. Please provide at least two weeks notice per request, understanding that not all requests will be met at this time. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility!

Classroom Workshops

Career Services is able to come present to your group or class of students. These engaging, interactive workshops help students learn about and develop the skills and tools that employers seek and that they will need to be career ready. All workshops are available as in-person and virtually compatible workshops are indicated with a (V).

Whether your resume needs to be updated or you are starting from scratch, this workshop shows you how to structure your resume and describe your skills & experiences so you stand out. 

This workshop is mostly lecture-based with some practice and direct application.

Tell us about a problem you solved in a unique way. When was the last time your integrity was challenged? Learn how to answer these tough interview questions, so you can shine like a STAR(L). 

This workshop is mostly lecture-based with some practice and direct application.

Learn the top soft skills and characteristics that employers seek in new hires and how to develop those skills with this collaborative activity of “guess who?”

This workshop is part activity-based with reflection and discussion.

A Career Services staff member will visit your class for 15-30 minutes to review services, events, and resources available to students. Help connect students to Career Services services today!

Request a Workshop

  • Email and include: group size, group name/class name, requested presentation date/time, requested meeting location, and any additional questions or relevant information. 
  • Requests for presentations/workshops must be made at least two weeks in advance.
  • Requests are met on a first-come, first-served basis
  • If you don't see the right workshop for your needs, email a detailed description of your requested workshop content, and we may be able to accommodate your request.

Career Related Curriculum and Assignments

We can work with you to develop classroom activities and/or assignments that center on career from mock interviews or resume assignments to career portfolio projects. Email with information about your course, your goal for a career assignment, and your availability and we'll meet with you to help develop career content for your classroom.

Candid Career

Candid Career provides honest career information and career planning help through short (30 second-10 minute) videos and blog posts by employers and career experts. Use this amazing resource to connect students with immediate career content: employer interviews and advice on what to expect in their career field, advice on interviewing, writing resumes, developing soft skills and more.

What Can I Do with This Major?

This resource outlines common career areas that students can enter with their major, identifies typical employers that hire in their field and teaches strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. The information is representative of typical career paths associated with each major.

Guest Speakers

We can leverage our network of employers, the Aims Alumni Connection and Aims Center for Workforce Development & Innovation to help you find the perfect guest speaker for your class. Email to schedule a guest speaker.