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Aims Foundation

Giving Impact

The Aims Foundation is grateful for the individuals, businesses and organizations who generously support the educational mission of Aims Community College. These donors provide the supplemental resources that improve the lives of Aims students and people in the community. Donations supplement taxpayer support and offset student tuition to ensure ongoing success at Aims.

Student Success Stories

There are many reasons our donors give to Aims Community College, and our students are thankful for all of them. These are a few of many stories that show how donor generosity has impacted the college community.

Changing Lives

In 2020, Aims students felt the financial strain exponentially and many students struggled to decide if they could afford to continue taking classes. Your support helped make these important successes possible.

52 Emergency funding scholarships of $1000 were provided to students registered to graduate in May 2020, who due to financial losses incurred because of the pandemic, may not have otherwise reached their dream.

In collaboration with the College CARES team, the Foundation provided an Aviation student with funds to reduce his tuition bill, thus allowing him to purchase a much needed prosthetic hand in order to complete his flying time and earn his pilot certification.

The Hummel Family Foundation and COSI grant funds generously supported approximately $64,000 towards the cost of attendance for 18 students. The funds provided the much-needed support to cover outside expenses such as childcare, transportation and utilities.

Through a collaborative grant with United Way, 32 Early Childhood Education students received scholarships towards their certifications, allowing them to meet State requirements and help increase childcare opportunities within our community.

Due to numerous automotive focused scholarships, 13 students received a total of $21,300 in support, propelling them into the local workforce as leaders in the industry.

We invite you to Keep the Dream Alive by providing a gift today. Aims students become our workforce and may even be your next employee.