Student Activities, Inclusion and Leadership

Services and Resources

Arty’s Pantry provides all Aims students experiencing financial need and/or food insecurity with food, personal hygiene items and school supplies. If you or another currently enrolled student you know is skipping meals or eating less in order to pay for other expenses such as rent, Arty’s Pantry can help. Arty’s Pantry strives to ensure that all students have access to the basic items they need to succeed. We want our students to be able to concentrate on their studies, plan for the semester and not worry about how they will get their next meal. For more information about Arty's Pantry visit the Arty's Pantry page.

The Student Government Association is offering Greeley-Evans Transit (GET) bus passes for only $1 per semester to all Aims students who pay student fees. Bus pass stickers are available at the Student Activities, Inclusion & Leadership Office in Beaty Hall, Room 126 on the Greeley Campus. 

Because this initiative is funded by student fees, you must be a current, fee-paying student and present your valid Aims Student ID in order to take advantage of this opportunity. This bus pass allows you to ride anywhere Greeley-Evans Transit (GET) will take you. Bus passes expire at the end of each semester. 

You can download the RouteShout App from your iPhone or Android device or visit RouteShout online to know when the next bus is coming. You can also get printable routes and schedules on the Greeley-Evans Transit website.

Students can request a reservation to engage in expressive activity. 

Expressive activity is the verbal or symbolic expression of content, ideas, thoughts or opinions and may include speeches, assembly, vigils, picketing, campaigning, marches, parades, protests, distribution of literature, petitions, displaying hand-held signs and other similar activities intended to communicate ideas or opinions via public demonstration on College grounds. The College encourages respectful discourse and has the obligation to address issues of safety and illegal acts.

Download the Expressive Activity Process Guide

Submit a Student Request for Expressive Activity Form

Fax services are available in room 131 of the College Center on the Greeley campus. 

Fax costs

  • Local number: 50¢ per page
  • Long Distance number: $1.50 for the first page and 50¢ for each additional page
  • Receiving faxes: 50¢ per page

Currently enrolled Aims students in need of a private space for lactation accommodations can utilize the lactation room located in Ed Beaty Hall 127 on the Greeley campus. Please visit the Center for Diversity and Inclusion community space page for more information. 

Aims Community College provides a space for current Aims students to quietly reflect, pray, or meditate for short periods of time. Individuals or small groups can use the quiet room for 15 minutes at a time or less. The quiet room is not designed for studying, phone conversations, meetings, or group discussions. This room is located in Ed Beaty Hall 127 on the Greeley campus.  Please visit the Center for Diversity and Inclusion community space page for more information. 

The Student Emergency Fund (SEF) is for one-time emergency financial assistance (up to $599) for Aims students to meet an unexpected need currently impacting their ability to complete their studies at Aims. For more information and eligibility criteria go to the Dean of Students Services page.

The Aims Student ID is the official identification card for all members of the student community. It functions as a Physical Education & Recreation Center (PERC) pass, Library and Learning Commons card, Testing Center pass and includes benefits in the surrounding community including student discounts. 

Student ID cards are provided to all fee paying students who are currently enrolled at Aims Community College. Your first ID card is free. If you need a replacement and your card has not expired there will be a $5 charge. Stop by Beaty Hall, 126 on the Greeley campus or the front desk at the Fort Lupton, Loveland or Windsor campuses if you need a replacement.

Parking permits are required for all students on campus. Student parking permits are free of charge. Students may obtain their parking permit through the SAIL office in Beaty Hall, Room 126 on the Greeley Campus. These parking permits may only be used in student-designated parking - if you park in faculty or staff parking or designated visitor or handicapped parking without proper authorization, you will be ticketed.

In order to advertise or hang a flier on campus, you must first get approval from the SAIL office in Beaty Hall, 126. All fliers must be dated and will be removed after three weeks.

Student Activities, Inclusion and Leadership offers a variety of resources and services to meet the needs of Aims students.

Virtual Self-Care

It’s important to stay active and take care of yourself during these times of social distancing. The Student Activities, Inclusion and Leadership department has put together the following list of virtual fitness and self-care resources.