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Multiple Measures

Standardized testing, such as the Accuplacer, is not the sole means to determine college readiness.  Aims uses multiple measures to determine college-readiness and preparedness for specific college coursework.  This includes various assessment scores as well as grades shown on high school and college transcripts.

Aims Experience and Standardized Testing Credit

Send official transcripts to


  • Reading - 17
  • English - 18
  • Math - 19

ACT scores are valid for three years.

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing - 470
  • Math - 500

SAT scores are valid for three years.

Before taking the Accuplacer, please speak with an advisor to determine if it is necessary.   


  • Reading - 241
  • Writing - 246
  • Advanced Algebra & Functions - 245

Classic (in January 2019, this version of the Accuplacer was replaced with the Next-Generation version.  The Classic Accuplacer can no longer be taken and  the scores will be older than 3 years.)

  • Reading Comprehension - 80
  • Sentence Skills - 95
  • Math - 85

Accuplacer scores are valid for three years.

Get a copy of your Accuplacer Score Report

  2. Click YOUR ACCUPLACER SCORE REPORT, fill out the requested information, click SEARCH and then SEND REPORTS.
  3. You will see the email address you used when you took the exam. Check the email and click VIEW ISR (Individual Score Report).
  4. This will open a new webpage where you can view and download your ISR's.

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts - 165
  • Mathematical Reasoning - 165

Scores must be from after 2014.

  • Language Arts Reading - 15
  • Language Arts Writing - 15
  • Math - 15

HiSET scores are valid for 10 years.

  • Language Arts Reading - 580
  • Language Arts Writing - 560 plus 6 on the Writing Essay
  • Math - 560

TASC scores are valid for 10 years.

  • Overall GPA and high school English or math courses completed with a C or higher.

High school transcripts are valid for 10 years after graduation date.  

  • A college-level GT Pathways-approved English or Math course, completed with a C or higher.
  • Earned an A.A. or A.S. degree from a regionally accredited college.

College transcripts must be official and submitted to and are subject to evaluation by college staff.