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Aims Foundation

Outright Gifts


Gifts of cash are the easiest way to make an immediate donation to the Aims Foundation toward your program of choice. You may contribute through checks, an online donation or credit-card payments. In return, you may deduct the full value of your gift as a charitable contribution.

President's Inner Circle

Gifts to the Aims Foundation annual fund provide the greatest latitude for the foundation to direct gifts where they are needed most. A minimum annual investment of $1,000 will qualify you as a member to the President's Inner Circle. Benefits may include, but are nbe limited to, exclusive invitations to donor receptions and hard-hat tours of our new facilities.

Tangible Personal Property

Gifts-in-kind are accepted by the Aims Foundation following formal approval. The gift-in-kind form clarifies the benefit of the property to the college.  

If you are interested in gifting tangible personal property, please complete the form and email it to Tax deductions for gifts-in-kind that exceed $500 are the responsibility of donors and their tax advisor.  

If requested, the foundation will sign the donor a completed IRS Form 8283 to confirm receipt of the gift.

Real Estate

Some donors find it beneficial to gift a parcel of real estate to Aims. If the property has appreciated in value since your purchase you will not pay any taxes on the gains. In addition, you will receive a charitable tax deduction that is equal to the current value of your property, no matter what you paid for it.  As the donor, you can direct the proceeds to the scholarship or program of your choice.

Life Insurance

Some donors prefer to transfer ownership of a paid-up insurance policy instead of an outright gift of cash. Benefits include a gift credit and an immediate income-tax deduction for the cash surrender value of the policy.