Campus Safety& Security


Aims Community College utilizes a Parking Permit Program to promote safety and security. Any questions or issues may be emailed to Any unauthorized vehicles parked in a restricted parking lot or space (usually marked “Faculty and Staff Reserved Parking” lots and spaces) risk being issued a warning citation or ticket.

Faculty and Staff Reserved Parking

Restricted parking lots for Faculty and Staff only are clearly marked with placards and signs. No students or guests are permitted to park in these areas.

Student and Visitor Parking

Students and visitors may park in any non-restricted parking lot(s) or space(s), as long as they possess and clearly display an Aims Parking Permit.

Please contact Campus Safety and Security for a temporary parking permit by emailing

In order to make the program effective, all faculty, staff and students are asked to display the parking permit for all of the cars and motorcycles they will park on any of our campuses.