Oil and Gas Technology

Tap Into Your Potential

The oil and gas industry is investing millions of dollars into developing the oil and gas resources in Weld County. This activity will create good-paying jobs in our own backyards for the next 20 to 30 years. New technologies and a trained workforce are driving the growth of America’s energy companies.

High Quality and Hands-On

Program Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a quality, hands-on education to learners preparing to enter or re-enter the workforce, and to those currently employed in the industry.

Life After Aims

If you’re interested in working with technology to help get energy to people while being mindful of sustainability, a career in Oil and Gas Technology may be for you. Come to Aims to get the hands-on training you’ll need. Below are just a few of the career opportunities available in the field:

  • Energy Trader
  • Engineering Manager
  • Environmental Advisor
  • Facility Operations and Maintenance Manager
  • Engineer
  • Field Worker
  • Geoscience Professional
  • Civil and Structural Engineering Technologist
  • Drafting Technologist
  • Energy Policy