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A student examining an x-ray image in the Aims radiologic technology program
Radiologic Technology

Program Entrance Requirements

The Aims Radiologic Technology Associate Degree Program Process

This five-semester, two-year radiology associate degree program at Aims follows a specific pathway, with prerequisites and other requirements you’ll need to fulfill before applying. 

After completing Anatomy and Physiology, Interpersonal Communication, English, Math, Human Growth and Development and a 3-credit Medical Terminology course, students will apply to take RTE 101 at Aims Community College.

After applying to RTE 101 and being accepted, students will take a degree-specific course called Introduction to Radiologic Technology. Upon passing RTE 101, students will begin the five-semester program (including one summer term) studying radiology and applying skills in a series of internships.

During your final semester, you’ll take a capstone course that trains you for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) exam to become a certified radiologist. After completing your degree program, take an exam to become certified in radiography.

Apply to the Aims Radiologic Technology Degree Program

To apply to the Aims rad tech degree program, start by reading the Mandatory Orientation PowerPoint.

This mandatory orientation includes important information, including a program overview and what to expect:

  • Read and fill out the Radiologic technology orientation certificate of completion
  • When you have completed all pre-application coursework and/or the testing documentation, please review the Apply to RTE 101 PowerPoint.
  • In order to complete a course challenge, you must be enrolled in coursework at Aims during the semester you pass the exam for it to be applied to your record.
    • If you are not enrolled during the semester in which you course challenge, please keep your paperwork stating that you passed your challenge course and submit it with your application to RTE 101. Once accepted into the program, you will submit your challenge course paperwork to records to have your challenge course applied to your record.

Please fill out and submit the following as part of the documentation for your application:

If you have questions about the Aims rad tech program or how to apply, contact Erin Miyoshi at

Ready to Get Started? Find Answers to Your Questions

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  • If You're New to Aims

    If you're not yet registered as a student, your first step is to apply to Aims Community College.

    After that, you can ask to schedule an appointment with an Aims allied health advisor familiar with the radiological tech and other healthcare degree program requirements and prerequisites. You can schedule this appointment by calling (970) 339-6443.
  • Current Rad Tech Student?

    Email radiologic technology program coordinator Erin Miyoshi with any questions about the rad tech degree program.