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Early Childhood Education

Earn an Early Childhood Education Associate Degree at Aims

Are you interested in working with young children and starting a career in education? As knowledge of child development grows, the need for skilled early childhood education specialists will also increase. The Aims early childhood education associate degree program gives you the training you need to begin a rewarding career in the classroom. 

Starting your early childhood education career at Aims can help you develop entry-level childhood classroom teaching skills. You’ll study subjects including child development, curriculum techniques and leadership skills to help you learn how to manage a busy classroom. Classes in human relations and administration prepare you to lead a childcare facility as an administrator.

Aims offers two degrees in early childhood education: 

  • If you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, you can complete the coursework at Aims to earn an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree and transfer to a four-year college or university as a junior. 
  • The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in early childhood education degree is a good option if you want to start your early childhood education career by earning a two-year degree.

If you’re an experienced teacher, you can also upgrade existing skills to advance your career by earning certificates or pursuing one of the early childhood education associate degree options at Aims.

Earn your early childhood degree at Aims and start a rewarding career where you can make a difference in the lives of young children and their families. 

Get your costs covered

You may be able to earn your Early Childhood degree for free through Career Advance Colorado, a program offering no-cost training.

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Turn Your Passion for Working With Children Into a Career in Early Childhood Education

Aims Degree Video - Early Childhood Education - Early Childhood Education

Instructor Laura Killen-Wing describes the challenges and rewards of classroom management and working with young children in the Aims early childhood education associate degree program.

Gain the Teaching Skills You Need to Become an Early Childhood Educator

With every early childhood education degree course, you'll build your knowledge and skills to prepare you for work in education. The philosophical and educational framework that guides the early childhood education associate degree program at Aims is rooted in developmentally appropriate practice with children and adult learners, including:

  • Being an intentional teacher
  • Creating a community of learners
  • Teaching to enhance development and learning
  • Planning curriculum to achieve important goals
  • Assessing children’s development and learning
  • Establishing relationships 

The early childhood education degree program will also help you seek employment by helping you build resume writing and job interviewing skills.

Gain knowledge in early child development and study early childhood education skills and techniques, including:

  • Classroom management and guidance
  • Classroom organization and planning
  • Curriculum development
  • Communication with students, families and coworkers
  • Advocacy for children and their families
  • Administration

During several classes in this degree program, you’ll have the opportunity to observe and interact with children in actual classrooms. Field placements within several courses will give you hands-on teaching experience.

The early childhood degree program at Aims also teaches soft skills that are important to employers. These include listening, communication, time management, self-care, and critical thinking. 

Earning a certificate allows you to explore a specific subject area or to strengthen certain skills in less time than it takes to earn a two-year degree. At Aims, you can either pursue an associate degree in early childhood education or earn any number of early childhood education certificates.

  • Early Childhood Education Entry Certificate
  • Early Childhood Assistant Teacher
  • Early Childhood Teacher Certificate
  • Early Childhood Director Certificate

Launch Your Early Childhood Education Career

If you enjoy being with young children and are interested in becoming a teacher, the early childhood education associate degree program can help you start your career. 


The types of jobs you can get with an early childhood education associate degree include:

  • Preschool teacher
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • Assistant teacher
  • Paraprofessional
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Head Start teacher
  • Child care center director
  • Nanny or au pair
72,900 new jobs by 2031 Bureau of Labor and Statistics

I have become aware of the broadness of things an early childhood professional has to know and understand. It is more than just a skill set or list of training. It is truly who you are and not what you do. To truly make a difference and be an effective teacher for young children, requires the best of you every day, both in and out of the classroom. It requires you to have integrity, character, and a strong desire to better yourself, so you can help and care for those around you.

Kara Harper
Aims early childhood education program graduate
Aims early childhood education degree program students and instructor working with a play kitchen and food

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Early Childhood Education Faculty and Staff

Learn from instructors with early childhood education classroom teaching experience. While earning your early childhood education associate degree, gain feedback from people who can help you make connections between classroom theory and real-world practice. 

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Christine Wiedeman

Professor, Early Child Education
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Marsha Harmon

Part-Time: Program Coordinator I, Education & Early Childhood Education
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Laura Killen-Wing

Instructor, Early Child Education