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An instructor and students work on a Ford truck engine in the Ford ASSET automotive degree program

Master Automobile Service Technology Ford ASSETRequirements

Ford ASSET Master Automotive Service Technology Degree Requirements

Explore the classes that will teach you in six semesters to understand and repair the various mechanical and technological systems that keep Ford cars running smoothly. 


Gain knowledge and skills in:


  • Automotive shop safety
  • Engine repair and rebuilding
  • Brake systems
  • Suspension and steering
  • Automotive electrical systems
  • Starting and charging systems
  • Manual and automatic transmissions
  • Automobile computers and ignition systems

After your first year, your instructors will help you secure a paid internship with a local Ford/Lincoln dealership.

General education requirements help you build practical soft skills employers are seeking. Study subjects including mathematics, communications, business, science and humanities. Your instructors will also help you develop a resume and portfolio to help you prepare for job interviews after you graduate.


First Semester (Fall) Credits

ASE 1001 Auto Shop Orientation  2

ASE 1020 Basic Automotive Electricity 2

ASE 1023 Starting/Charging Systems 2

ASE 2191 Auto/Diesel Body Electrical 3

ASE 2192 Auto Computers & Ignition Systems 3

ASE 1080 Internship 3


Total: 15


Second Semester (Spring) Credits

ASE 1010 Brakes I 2

ASE 1051 Man Trans/Transaxles/Clutch I 2

ASE 1092 Man Trans/Transaxles & Clutches II 3

ASE 1040 Suspension and Steering I 2

ASE 1041 Suspension and Steering II 2

ASE 1070 Lab Experience I 1

ASE 1080 Internship 3 


Total: 15


Third Semester (Summer) Credits

ASE 1030 General Engine Diagnosis 2

ASE 1034 Automotive Emissions 2

ASE 1011 Brakes II 2


Total: 6


Fourth Semester (Fall) Credits

ASE 2051 Auto Transm/Transaxle Repair 3

ASE 2052 Adv. Automatic Transm/Transa 2

ASE 1022 Auto Elect. Safety Systems 1

ASE 1060 Automotive Engine Repair 2

ASE 1091 Engine Repair & Rebuild 4

ASE 1080 Internship 3


Total: 15


Fifth Semester (Spring) Credits

ASE 2193 Fuel Injection and Exhaust 3

ASE 2095 HVAC Systems 3

ASE 1080 Internship 3


Total: 9


Total Degree Credits: 60


General Education Course Credits

MAT 1140 Career Math

MAT 1150 Technical Math OR 3 minimum

MAT 1160 Financial Math


ENG 1021 English Composition OR

ENG 1031 Technical Writing OR 3

BUS 2017 Business Comm & Report Writing


CIS 1028 Intro to PC Applications OR

COM 1150 Public Speaking OR 3

BUS 1015 Intro to Business


Choose one course from the following:  3 minimum



Choose one course from the following:

ANT, ART, ECO, GEO, HIS, HUM, LIT, MUS, 3 minimum

PHI, POS, PSY, SOC, THE or any foreign language


Total General Education Credits: 15


Total Credits for AAS Degree: 75