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Master Automobile Service Technology

Earn an Associate of Applied Science Automotive Technology Degree at Aims

Are you passionate about cars and do you want to learn how to repair them? Take your curiosity about foreign and domestic automobiles and the various systems that make them run smoothly and earn an automotive repair degree from Aims.

The automotive world is constantly changing as the technology that operates vehicles continually evolves. Transmissions are gaining more gears and computers run an increasing number of automotive components, including air conditioning, brakes and even suspension systems. These advancements in automotive technology are driving demand for mechanics with training in current equipment, including increasingly complex computer systems and direct fuel injection and variable valve timing systems.

The Aims automotive service technology degree program is a hands-on learning experience using the latest diagnostic and repair equipment. Gain classroom and shop experience in the state-of-the-art 45,000-square-foot Aims Automotive and Technology Center, located on the Windsor campus. Learn in classrooms, shops and simulation rooms stocked with the latest technology and facility operational components.

The Aims automotive department offers comprehensive tours where you can ask questions and see the equipment you’ll use while earning your automotive repair degree. 

At Aims, develop your diagnostic skills by working directly on various new vehicles using advanced shop equipment and industry-leading Snap-on tools. Each summer, the automotive department hosts the Aims Car Show, offering opportunities to share your passion for cars with the community. You can also join the Aims Full Throttle Club to get to know other students who are passionate about cars and trucks.

After the first year of the Aims automotive repair degree program, you’ll gain the technical skills to find a part-time job while you continue earning your automotive service technology degree. Instructors facilitate this work experience to show you what it’s like to work in an automotive repair shop. You’ll also build a resume and portfolio to show to prospective employers after you graduate. 

If you want to learn how to repair automobiles and gain the professional skills to find work in the industry, earn an associate of applied science in automotive technology degree at Aims and start your career. 

Gain the Hands-on Technical Skills You Need to Start a Career in Automobile Service Technology

The six-semester Aims automotive repair degree program combines classroom knowledge with extensive hands-on learning in the Aims Automotive and Technology Center shop. You can complete the program at a faster pace by taking summer classes. Each automotive service technology degree course builds your knowledge and skills to prepare you for work in the industry. 

Gain essential automotive service technology skills that will help you start your career, including:

  • Auto shop safety
  • Brake systems
  • Automotive electricity
  • Starting and charging systems
  • Engine diagnostics, service and repair
  • Manual and automatic transmissions

Internship classes give you in-depth, hands-on experience in the Aims auto shop that mimics what it’s like to work in the industry.

The Aims automotive service technology degree program also teaches practical soft skills that employers want, including professionalism, leadership and effective communication.

Snap-on Tools at Aims

Some of the Snap-on tools you’ll earn from each class as you progress through the automotive service technology degree program include:

  • Nine-piece wrench set
  • Adjustable torque wrench
  • General service socket wrench set
  • Adjustable joint interlocking channel wrench
  • Digital multimeter

Part-Time Employment While Earning an Automotive Repair Degree

By the time you complete your first year, you’ll acquire enough tools to get an entry-level job as a service technician. You’ll also have the skills to find a part-time job in the automotive industry with the help of your instructors. 

The Aims automotive department works with various local and national industry partners both to support your educational experience and to help you find your first part-time service technician job.

These partners include:

Get Excited About Your Future in Automotive with Aims Events and the Full Throttle Club

The Aims automotive service technology degree program allows you to earn several certificates as you progress in your education. Earning a certificate lets you explore or focus on a specific subject area. At Aims, you can either pursue an associate of applied science in automotive technology or earn standalone automotive certificates within a particular subject area, such as brakes, steering and suspension, or engine performance. Aims automotive technology certificate courses can also apply toward earning an associate of applied science automotive technology degree.

  • Automotive Service Technician Certificate
  • Brakes Certificate
  • Advanced Brakes Certificate
  • AYES Certificate
  • Electrical Certificate
  • Advanced Electrical Certificate
  • Automatic Transmission Certificate
  • Manual Transmission and Drive Trains Certificate
  • Engine Mechanical Certificate
  • Engine Performance Certificate
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Certificate
  • Maintenance and Light Repair Certificate
  • Steering and Suspension Certificate

Launch Your Career in Automotive Service Technology

If you want to learn the technology and skills to repair the various systems that make foreign and domestic vehicles run smoothly, the Aims automotive repair degree program can help you start your career. 

Get the training you’ll need to begin your career working in the ever-changing automotive industry, including roles in:

  • Service
  • Sales
  • Parts
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Management
$59,387 Median salary for U.S. automotive service technicians, 2024 Source:

Master Automobile Service Technology Faculty and Staff

Learn from instructors with professional experience and awards for their work in the service technology field. Many faculty members are former Aims students who returned to give back and support up-and-coming service techs. The automotive service technology faculty at Aims understand what employers are looking for today. Your instructors can help you learn what it takes to succeed in the industry and become a great employee and team member.

  • Headshot of Larry Baker

    Larry Baker

    Professor, Automotive Service Technology
  • Photo of Dan Sisson

    Dan Sisson

    Professor, Automotive Service Technology
  • Photo of Isaac Pacheco

    Isaac Pacheco

    Instructor, Automotive Service Technician
  • Photo of Joel Dalby

    Joel Dalby

    Instructor, Automotive Service
  • Photo of Jose Cervantes

    Jose Cervantes

    Part-Time: Equipment Mechanic, Automotive
  • Allie Bowen headshot

    Allie Bowen

    Instructor, Automotive Service Technology
  • Photo of Westley Hernandez

    Westley Hernandez

    Instructor, Automotive Service Technician
  • Headshot of David Swieter

    David Swieter

    Part-Time: Professional Equipment Mechanic, Automotive
  • headshot of Nicholas Luna

    Nicholas Luna

    Part-Time: Teaching Assistant, Automotive