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Aims surgical technology associate degree students get hands-on experience practicing using surgical equipment.

Surgical TechnologyCertificates

Earning a certificate in sterile instrument processing gives you the opportunity to explore what it's like working in a healthcare setting while earning college credit. 

Important Details About the Sterile Instrument Processing Certificate Program

To be placed on the waitlist, please contact with your Aims#, Aims email address, personal email address, physical address and phone number.

This program is currently offered once a year, during the spring semester.

Class is online, with in-person labs on the Greeley Campus in the Allied Health building five days/week for three hours/day for the first five weeks of the semester. Then students complete a clinical rotation for 40 hours/week for 10 weeks.

Clinical sites can range from Cheyenne to Aurora and from Fort Morgan to Estes Park. Students may need to drive an hour in each direction to their clinical site each day. Clinical sites cannot be requested and personal schedules for work or daycare cannot be accommodated.

Sterile Instrument Processing Certificate

Gain skills to work in healthcare materials management. Learn how to care for, handle and sterilize surgical instruments.

Row Groupings Prerequisites:
  • Current CPR card prior to clinical entry, criminal background check with no disqualifying offenses, and drug screen.
  • Must meet current minimum reading assessment.
Row Groupings Certificate Requirements: Credits

Reviews the job skills needed for the sterile processing technician. Includes the fundamentals of the central services department, instrument processing and important regulatory protocols. Includes a comprehensive review of medical terminology, anatomy and microbiology. Infection prevention and important environmental control and safety factors are included. The importance of professionalism, clinical advancement and workplace communication is presented. . Students must be 18 years or older, have all necessary vaccinations, complete a background check and drug screen. Majors only. Four credits. tuition rates apply

Course Corequisites
SPI 101

Reviews hands on knowledge and job skills needed by the sterile processing technician. Includes a comprehensive review of surgical instrumentation, including instrument categories, design and construction, assembly, care and maintenance. Tools and equipment utilized for instrument processing is presented. Instrument decontamination, cleaning, processing and various methods of sterilization is discussed. Majors Only. Four credits. tuition rates apply.

Course Corequisites
SPI 100

Complete 400 hours of clinical internship in the sterile processing department. Course is repeatable with a maximum of 12 credits. Variable credit.

Course Prerequisites

SPI 100 and SPI 101 with grades of "C" or better. Majors only.

Note: *Students must complete 9 credits of SPI 181
Total Credits for Certificate 17