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Campus Safety and Security


Aims Community College uses a no-cost parking permit program to ensure safety and security for our faculty, staff, students and visitors. 

However, vehicles parked in No Parking Zones or accessible parking spots reserved for people with disabilities without a placard are subject to a citation.  

  • Students can get a student parking permit by visiting the Student Life Office located in the Student Commons
  • Employees receive their parking permit from the HR Office located in Cornerstone Suite 111.  
  • Students and employees who need to park overnight on campus can obtain prior approval by emailing

Free student parking is available in designated lots on all Aims campuses with a parking permit displayed on the vehicle. 

Visitors are not required to obtain a parking permit, including guests attending training or testing sessions. Designated Visitor Parking spots are available on all campuses. Faculty, staff and students are prohibited from parking in these areas and are subject to a citation.

Parking lots E, J, K and T are designated for faculty and staff only and are clearly marked with placards and signs. Neither students nor guests are permitted to park in these areas and risk receiving a citation for doing so.

Overnight parking is strictly prohibited without prior notification and authorization. 

Request Overnight Authorization

Event attendees who are not enrolled or employed at Aims must obtain a one-day parking permit from Facilities and Operations. 

Warning: Unauthorized vehicles parked in a restricted or Faculty and Staff Reserved Parking lot or space risk being issued a citation.

Vehicles parked in unauthorized parking zones may incur a violation citation of $15 for a general violation and $100-$150 charge for an accessible parking space violation. Citation fees must be paid through the Aims online store.

If you have a mechanical issue with your vehicle, call Campus Security and an officer will remain with you until your service help* arrives. Security will also offer a safe area for waiting due inclement weather, darkness or heavy traffic.  

Campus security is not allowed to assist with the following:

  • Keys locked in vehicle
  • Vehicle jump starts
  • Flat tires

*You will need to arrange for service for any issues with your vehicle.