Information Technology

Account and Password Help

These are the steps to easily solve common Aims account and password issues: 

Use these steps to activate your account for the first time.

  1. Visit Okta/myApps
  2. Click ‘Activate Your Aims Account’
  3. Enter the required information to identify yourself and click ‘Activate’
  4. Choose how you would like to receive your security code
  5. Upon receiving the code, enter it and click ‘Check Code’
  6. You should see a message saying that your code was verified. Click ‘Continue”.
  7. You’ll be asked to agree to the Aims Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy. Please read it and select 'I Agree'. Click ‘Continue’.
  8. Your username is now displayed in the top right corner. Please record it and click ‘Continue’.
  9. You are now prompted to set a password per the Aims Password Policy. Set a password and then click ‘Change Password’.

Optional: the final step will be to set up mobile device verification. It provides another method of recovering your account if you ever forget your password. Follow the onscreen steps and click ‘Continue’ or click ‘Skip’.

Use these steps if you have forgotten your Aims password.

  1. Visit Okta/myApps
  2. Click ‘Forgotten Password’
  3. Enter your username and click ‘Search’
  4. Complete two of the listed verification options:
    1. Personal Data: Click ‘Personal Data’ and answer the required questions
    2. Text/SMS/Email: Click ‘Text/SMS/Email Verification’ and then choose one of the listed options. This will send a security code to the option you selected that you will enter as verification.
    3. Mobile Device Verification (if shown): Click ‘Mobile Device Verification’ and follow the steps. You will need to open your authenticator app (e.g., Duo Mobile) on your mobile device, and enter the 6-digit code that it generates. Note: This option will only be displayed if you previously configured it when activating your account.
    4. Enter your new password and click ‘Change Password’. Be sure to follow the Aims password guidelines shown.
    5. Read the reminder and click ‘Continue’. Your password is now changed. Remember to update it on any other device that might be using it such as a mobile device using WiFi or your email account.

Use these steps if your existing Aims password has expired.

  1. Visit Okta/myApps
  2. Sign in with your currently expired password
  3. Set a new password

Passwords must contain:

  • At least sixteen (16) characters
  • At least one uppercase letter
  • At least one lowercase letter

Passwords cannot contain:

  • Easily obtained elements such as your name or username
  • Known weak characteristics such as several repeating characters
  • Commonly used password elements (e.g., “Password1!”)

Tip: use a passphrase instead of a password. A passphrase is a sequence of words or a sentence that is stronger than a password because of its length. For example, the passphrase "bird John boot fall" is strong, easy to remember, and 19 characters.

New Technology Discovery Form

Anyone wishing to pursue the procurement or implementation of new software or technology processes will need to fill out the form linked below.

New Technology Discovery Form

In order to help Aims utilize existing technology more effectively as well as learn and grow together as a "college-wide" team, the New Technology Discovery form should be completed when considering new software, apps, or technology. 

Before doing so, employees should first collaborate as needed with the department Chair, Director, Dean, or VP regarding the new technology. 

The goal of this form is to:

  • Help determine whether a technology is in use
  • Provide someone who can assist in adapting the new technology to current systems
  • Record what technologies did not meet staff members’ needs and why

This form is used when a department would like to:

  • Pursue the procurement and implementation of new software
  • Significantly expand the functionality of existing software
  • Adopt technology to assist with business processes

Some examples could include:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Digitizing paper processes
  • Expanded use of Banner functionality
  • Procurement and implementation of new software that would impact a large group of people (an entire department, program or division, etc.) or needs to integrate with existing software

Once your initiation request has been submitted, you will be contacted by an IT employee to develop a mutually beneficial project timeline. Also, depending on the size and scope of the request, IT might perform an informal project requirements scope.