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Workday Implementation

Update Regarding Workday Student

The Workday Student system launch date has been changed to allow for some further development and testing. As a result, it will not be going live Monday, January 31 as previously projected. We are still moving forward with the launch, and will update the College with more information as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience, and thank you to the Workday Implementation Team for their hard work and dedication throughout this project.

Starting in January of 2022, Aims will begin a four-phase implementation process of transitioning all Aims student functions over to a new system called Workday (employees have been using Workday for employee-related functions since Summer 2020). The new Workday system brings exciting technology improvements and increased capabilities to many key student-centered processes at Aims.

Like all transitions in technology, this move will include lots of learning and adapting on the part of all students and employees. We appreciate your patience as we learn alongside you!

The information on this website currently pertains to Workday functions that employees use, such as Human Resources and Financial functions. Information and training on student processes will be added as those functions become available in Workday.

Why Workday?


Workday FAQ

  • Faculty, staff and student employees will use Workday to update personal information, request leave, select benefits and more.
  • Once Student Implementation is complete in 2022, every Aims employee and current and prospective student will use the Aims' Workday system.

Workday technology will provide a single, cloud-based platform for Aims’ business operations in finance, human resources, payroll and student systems, creating an improved and unified administrative experience.

Workday technology is not intended to replace any jobs at Aims. We believe Workday will help simplify daily business processes, freeing up time for more creativity, strategy and growth among our Aims community, easing workload stress and fueling future endeavors.

During implementation, Aims team members directly involved in the implementation project will often have limited availability for emails. Delayed responses are to be expected and will likely come before 8 a.m. or after 5 p.m. Team members will have a "Workday Team" image appear in their email signature to help notify campus of their limited availability.

Duties in these departments have been shifted for the duration. Shifting duties are included below:

Human Resources

Miranda McFarling:

Benefits = Paul Bashline
New Employee Orientation = Paul Bashline
Family Medical Leave = Rachal Walsh
Monthly Leave = Emily Russell

Cynthia Halligan:

Org Chart = Ranae Covel
Comp / Class = Ranae Covel
Part Time Hiring (HAF) = Paul Bashline, Emily Russell

New addition to HR:

Kate Hill = New hire paperwork, general customer service, ID Badges


Darla Underhill and Juleen Parks:
Payroll = Dominic Martinez and Ariana Conway

Information Technology 

Andria Rogers:

Legacy lead (Banner and other legacy systems such as Degree Works, etc.) = Cyndee Stewart-White

Additional IT support:

Rod Vivian = Strata Information Group (SIG) - Legacy data services, data migration and clean up
Brian Shanblatt = Strata Information Group (SIG) - Legacy data services, data migration and clean up
Ellen Jetto = Strata Information Group (SIG) - Legacy system transition support for Student

Before Workday, Aims used Banner as its ERP provider for 22 years. Over the last few years, Banner upgrades became costly and failed to meet Aims' growing institutional technology needs. When it was time to renew the contract with Banner, the opportunity arose to explore other ERP options for Aims.

April 2016-December 2018

  • College-Wide Banner Business Process Review/Redesign (BPR) on Financial Services, Human Resources, Accounts Receivable, Travel and Expense, Student (preliminary work)

August-December 2018

  • IT begins internal discovery process
  • IT meets with potential software vendors, other schools switching ERPs, implementation partners, project management partners, change management partners
  • Student Engagement, Inclusion, and Success (SEIS) commissions a Process Redesign Reimagine (PRR) assessment of Banner Student
  • Aims' contract with Ellucian enters renewal period

January-February 2019

  • Discovery process of ERP options begins with Cabinet’s support
  • Discovery and Readiness Team (DART) committee is formed
  • Aims partners with BerryDunn to provide institutional change exploration and readiness evaluation

March-April 2019

  • Aims hosts well-attended ERP Vendor discovery demonstrations from three vendors
  • Second-round institutional change readiness survey is conducted

July-August 2019

  • DART invites two vendors to return for a deeper dive into product information
  • DART unanimously votes to move to Workday
  • Cabinet supports move to Workday
  • Workday contract is signed
  • Implementation Team begins Workday preparation 
Aims engagement, commitment and effort on the project has been excellent. The team has handled the implementation exceptionally well. It’s very clear that Aims has a culture for caring about people and doing things for them to make sure they are taken care of.
--Eric Frame, Workday Senior Engagement Manager

Implementation Stages

There were five implementation stages that lead up to the July 1, 2020 launch of Aims’ HR/HCM, Finance and Payroll systems on Workday. The Workday Student Implementation Team is following the same implementation stages leading up to the multiple 2022 milestones. The Aims Workday Implementation Team continues to provide outstanding commitment and collaboration toward successful completion of the project by September 26, 2022.

The objectives of the Plan stage are to confirm the project scope, initiate project activities, and establish project management processes and controls. The project goals, plan, timeline, milestones, deliverables, resources, and responsibilities are drafted and reviewed in this stage. Project work streams are initiated to align on approach, resources, and schedules. The stage starts with a project orientation meeting to begin the project planning activities and includes a project kick-off with the extended customer project team at the end of the stage to review the overall project, including a draft of the plan, timelines and resources.

The Architect stage allows Aims and Workday project team members to find a common understanding of Aims' business needs and to analyze how Workday will be deployed to meet those needs. During this stage, Workday concepts and functions will be reviewed and design decisions gathered. This stage focuses on understanding business requirements and how Workday can be configured to satisfy the business requirements.

The objective of the Configure and Prototype stage is to complete the configuration of the Workday application based on the specifications gathered in the Architect stage. In this stage, all application configurations are completed in Workday. Data conversions for both configuration data (i.e., setup, organizations, business processes) and operational data (i.e., workers, customers) are executed. Integration and report development are completed, and the tenant is prepared for the Test stage.

The Test stage ensures the configured Workday system sufficiently meets the needs of Aims' business. Each test effort has a different set of conditions and purpose. The agreed-upon exit criteria for each test effort must be met to move forward toward a go-live.

Once Aims has met all of the exit criteria for the Test stage, they are ready to move on to the Deploy stage, where they will go live on Workday in a production environment using all of the features and integrations configured and tested during previous stages.