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Welcome to Workday

Workday is now live for Students, Employees and Faculty! For more information about navigating Workday, please visit the Workday Resources webpage for up-to-date tutorials and information. 

Workday FAQ

Every Aims employee and current and prospective student will use the Aims' Workday system.

Students aren't going to set up a Workday account. It is an app within Okta that they will have access to once they activate their Okta account. When a student is admitted, we tell them they'll be getting an email from Okta for account activation. Once they activate Okta, they'll have access to Workday. 

The headings below contain "how to" resources for each department.  Students may also get help with any Workday questions or issues by submitting a ticket via the IT Help Desk (select "IT" and then "Workday".)

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Student section links:

Before Workday, Aims used Banner as its ERP provider for 22 years. Over the last few years, Banner upgrades became costly and failed to meet Aims' growing institutional technology needs. When it was time to renew the contract with Banner, the opportunity arose to explore other ERP options for Aims.

April 2016-December 2018

  • College-Wide Banner Business Process Review/Redesign (BPR) on Financial Services, Human Resources, Accounts Receivable, Travel and Expense, Student (preliminary work)

August-December 2018

  • IT begins internal discovery process
  • IT meets with potential software vendors, other schools switching ERPs, implementation partners, project management partners, change management partners
  • Student Engagement, Inclusion, and Success (SEIS) commissions a Process Redesign Reimagine (PRR) assessment of Banner Student
  • Aims' contract with Ellucian enters renewal period

January-February 2019

  • Discovery process of ERP options begins with Cabinet’s support
  • Discovery and Readiness Team (DART) committee is formed
  • Aims partners with BerryDunn to provide institutional change exploration and readiness evaluation

March-April 2019

  • Aims hosts well-attended ERP Vendor discovery demonstrations from three vendors
  • Second-round institutional change readiness survey is conducted

July-August 2019

  • DART invites two vendors to return for a deeper dive into product information
  • DART unanimously votes to move to Workday
  • Cabinet supports move to Workday
  • Workday contract is signed
  • Implementation Team begins Workday preparation 

What does a third-party permission grant access to?

When a student grants third-party permissions to someone in Workday, they are sent an email inviting them to set up a Workday account through which they can see/access information on the student's account they have been given permissions to.

You can access Workday through the mobile app as well as the mobile browser. However, some features may be limited within the app or the mobile browser. Using a desktop or tablet is recommended for the best user experience.

Job Aids & Resources

There are dozens of resources available to help students and employees to help navigate Workday. You can find these located in MyAims under Workday Resources. We have a few links listed below to get you started.

Why Workday?

What's changing, and why