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Help Desk

Web Help Desk is the service center for all of your service ticket needs. Students and staff can also call or email IT support. We also recommend you utilize the pages within the IT department for help troubleshooting issues with specific programs and applications.

Here are examples of when to submit a Web Help Desk Ticket:

  • Unable to connect to the network
  • Water leak in building
  • Computer won't turn on
  • Need a piece of furniture moved
  • Need artwork hung on the wall
  • Printer is broken
  • Need a web page updated
  • Need a brochure created

New Technology Discovery Form

Anyone wishing to pursue the procurement or implementation of new software or technology processes will need to fill out the form linked below.

In order to help Aims utilize existing technology more effectively as well as learn and grow together as a "college-wide" team, the New Technology Discovery form should be completed when considering new software, apps, or technology. 

Before doing so, employees should first collaborate as needed with the department Chair, Director, Dean, or VP regarding the new technology. 

The goal of this form is to:

  • Help determine whether a technology is in use
  • Provide someone who can assist in adapting the new technology to current systems
  • Record what technologies did not meet staff members’ needs and why

This form is used when a department would like to:

  • Pursue the procurement and implementation of new software
  • Significantly expand the functionality of existing software
  • Adopt technology to assist with business processes

Some examples could include:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Digitizing paper processes
  • Expanded use of Banner functionality
  • Procurement and implementation of new software that would impact a large group of people (an entire department, program or division, etc.) or needs to integrate with existing software

Once your initiation request has been submitted, you will be contacted by an IT employee to develop a mutually beneficial project timeline. Also, depending on the size and scope of the request, IT might perform an informal project requirements scope.