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AAA 1001

You're not alone, so don't go it alone!

Student walking on Aims campus
We do a lot of things together at Aims and AAA 1001 is one of those things.

AAA 1001 is structured solely to support new or second semester students. Valuable resources and life lessons are covered alongside establishing your Aims community. There is also an opportunity to earn a 3-credit tuition waiver! There are no textbooks to purchase for this one-credit course. AAA 1001 meets twice a week for just 5 weeks; 20 hours or less of your time with great benefits!

 Contact your Pathway Advisor to sign up today! 


Increase your on-campus support community by making meaningful and long-lasting connections with your peers and Aims faculty/staff.

Aims has so many resources it would have been nearly impossible for me to know all of them without this class.
--AAA 1001 student