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Pathway Advising

Meet Your Pathway Advisor

For advising, academic programs are organized into career pathways, each with their own specialized advising team. Students will be assigned an advisor with their chosen pathway once they have been admitted to Aims. 

Spring/Summer 2023 new students: After completing the first two steps of the Enrollment Steps and Introduction to Aims Workshop, it's time to make an appointment with your Pathway Advisor.

Fall 2023 new students: Login to Workday (using your MyApps/OKTA) to complete your mandatory to-dos and find your Support Network (assigned advisor contact information.) Refer to the Workday Resource pages to find help completing all of your steps. 

To Schedule an Appointment:

The best way to schedule an appointment is to reach out to your assigned advisor. Advisors are available in person, by phone, and online for appointments.

Every Pathway Advisor has a unique calendar link they’ll give you that you can use to schedule the best day and time for you. If you are unsure who your assigned Advisor is use the button below to take you to View My Advisor and Degree.

If your advisor indicates "Advisor Pending," please call 970-339-6443 for assistance or fill out the AskAnAdvisor form button below. You can also use this form to get answers to your other advising related questions. 

Note that in some cases, an entire degree/certificate program may not be available on every campus. 

Meet the Team

Pathway Advising - Greeley & Loveland Campuses

Human Services & Education | CAD & Aviation | Technical Sciences & Skilled Trades | Welding
Photo of Rick Hoines-Brumback

Rick Hoines-Brumback

Senior Advisor
Kara Roberts headshot

Kara Roberts

Pathway Advisor
Ottley Wright headshot

Ottley Wright

Pathway Advisor

Pathway Advising - Greeley & Loveland Campuses

Business | Energy | Computer Science
Headshot Rosalba

Rosalba Martinez-Sharp

Senior Advisor
Selena Profile Picture

Selena Balderas

Pathway Advisor
Headshot of olivia Marks

Olivia Marks

Pathway Advisor

Pathway Advising - Greeley & Loveland Campuses

Health Careers
Headshot of Kellie Richardson

Kellie Richardson

Senior Advisor

Priscilla Quezada

Pathway Advisor

Pathway Advising - Greeley & Loveland Campuses

STEM | Arts & Communication
Photo of Azanet Rodriguez

Azanet Rodriguez

Senior Advisor
Headshot of Nereida Perdigon

Nereida Perdigon Rodriguez

Pathway Advisor
Headshot Jamie

Jamie Viefhaus-Zak

Pathway Advisor
Sera Winchel Headshot

Sera Winchel

Pathway Advisor

Pathway Advising - Fort Lupton Campus

All majors
Alejandra's Profile Picture

Alejandra Gallardo

Pathway Advisor

Entire degrees or certificates may not be available on this campus.

Pathway Advising - Windsor Campus

Law, Public Safety & Criminal Justice | Automotive
Bonnie Bailey

Bonnie Bailey

Senior Advisor
Headshot of Sarah Ener

Sarah Ener

Pathway Advisor

Entire degrees or certificates may not be available on this campus.


Mark's Profile Picture

Mark Harben

Program Director
Headshot of Lesli Bicknell

Lesli Bicknell

Assistant Director

Staff Associate & Ambassadors

Lena's Profile Picture

Lena Sandoval

Staff Associate, Pathway Advising