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Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

  • The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program provides reduced tuition to students who are residents of one of the states/territories participating in the WUE program. This tuition classification allows students to pay tuition at a maximum of 150 percent of the In-State Resident tuition rate. 
  • Please work with the Financial Aid office regarding what scholarship/aid options are available under this residency status. 
  • To see what the current WUE residency status rate for classes is for the current term, please visit the Cashier’s Office to calculate your rate. 

**Note: If you receive WUE residency status, you cannot simultaneously create domicile in the State of Colorado or work towards the physical presence requirement needed to establish In-State residency status. If you are planning to establish Colorado In-State residency at some point in the near future, you have the option to decline WUE and pay Out-of-State residency classification rates until you are eligible to petition to establish In-State residency. 

Required documents for WUE Classification are: