Learning Commons - Windsor

Learning commons - Windsor Campus


The Windsor Learning Commons provides Aims students, faculty and staff with access to resources and support through Library Services, Tutoring Services, and Computer Assistance Services. For additional information on our services please click the link below. 

The Windsor Learning Commons also provides academic testing. All testing will be done via appointment only - students can email, call or stop into the Windsor Learning Commons to make an appointment.

Note - when you come to campus you will need to follow our COVID protocols. For additional Aims student re-entry information please visit: Covid-19 Information.

  • Library Services

    Windsor Library Services provides access to reference materials and resources as well as research and citation assistance to Aims students, faculty and staff.
  • Tutoring Services

    Our team of professional tutors are committed to partnering with you to help you succeed in college. Working with tutors can provide you personalized attention, practice and more confidence. Tutoring can offer content explanation in a wide variety of subject areas.