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Free Textbooks

Aims No Cost/Low Cost Initiative

Aims offers a variety of free course textbooks each semester through No Cost/Low Cost courses or the Reserve Textbook program. College textbooks can be a big expense, and we are thrilled to be able to offer these options to help reduce college costs.

Courses at Aims with Free Textbooks

Check out the list of participating courses that offer free textbooks at the link below and check back for updates each semester.

Reserve Texbooks

To check out reserve textbooks, please visit the Learning Commons during our open hours. You can browse available textbooks here. Please note that the Learning Commons does not provide eTextbooks or course codes. You can also contact us with any textbook-related questions or requests. Phone: 970-339-6458

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Aims Students Have Saved $1.5 Million (and Counting) on Textbooks

Read how the Free to Student initiative saves Aims students money on textbooks.

Aims CC Open Text Students Video

About the No Cost/Low Cost Initiative

The No Cost/Low Cost initiative at Aims grew out of early success with OER adoption by a few faculties and became part of Aims strategic plan; increase the adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) Tactical Goal under the Aims 5-year Strategic Plan (2018-2023) by 1%, year-over-year, for five years. 

No cost/Low cost resources are teaching and learning resources that are freely available to educators and students. This initiative reduces costs for students, improves course quality and increases student success.

The OER grant program provides funding to Aims faculty and instructors to review OER, adopt OER resources and/or develop free resources alternative to commercial textbooks.  The goal of this grant initiative is to:

  • encourage the implementation of cost-saving educational resources while improving academic success of Aims students. 

These funds are provided by the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) and in house by Aims Community College. 

Look out for future grant opportunities.

Visit Find OER to locate openly licensed content.

The OER grant has entered it's fourth year and will fund Aims full- or part-time faculty to completely redesign/redevelop any course and or publish original work with open license.

Funded by the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE)

Should you have any questions regarding these courses please reach out to Please note that some of these courses are multi course section while others are single course section.

Year 1 Courses 

  • Art Appreciation - ART 110
  • General College Biology II - BIO 112
  • Business Ethics and Values - MAN 112
  • Intercultural Communication - COM 220
  • Public Speaking - COM 115
  • Introduction to Literature - LIT 115
  • Medieval to Modern - HUM 122
  • Responding to Emergencies - (HWE 122) 
  • Human Geography - GEO 106
  • Social Psychology - PSY 226

Year 2 Courses

  • Introduction to Women and Gender Studies  - WST 200
  • Cultural Anthropology - ANT 101
  • Art History 1900-Present - ART  207
  • Introduction to Energy Technologies - ENY 101
  • Automation Control Circuits - ELT 248

Year 3 Courses

  • General College Biology I with Lab - BIO 111
  • Computer Aided Drafting 3D - CAD 202
  • Introduction to Statistics - MAT 135
  • Introduction to Education - EDU 221
  • Conceptual Physics with Lab - PHY105

Year 4 Courses & Resources

  • In progress

OER Published Resources

Brown, Heather (2020). Responding to emergencies: Skills manual Licensed CC BY NC SA.

Cronckhite, Ty (2021). A handbook of classical rhetoric for advanced composition Licensed CC BY NC SA

Murray, Emma (2021). General Biology I & II for majors: Laboratory manual & workbook Licensed CC BY SA

Funded by Aims

These textbooks are located in the Open Textbook  Library (OTL).

Catherine Beighey: Sociology Faculty

Connie Lance: Computer Information Systems Faculty

Patrick Gilligan: English Faculty

Stephanie Newton: Visual and Performing Arts Faculty

Emma Murray: Biological Science Faculty

Karen Scarpella: Social Sciences Faculty

Kimberli Bontempo: Psychology Faculty

Lori Adair: Extended Studies, Early College High School Faculty

Lou Cartier

Mark A. Moody: Geography Faculty

Rebecca Sailor: Humanities and English Faculty

Terri Devlin: Computer Science Faculty