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Marketing / Management

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Marketing/Management Department Program is to deliver curriculum to a diverse student population that prepares students for career entry and advancement as well as providing continued degree opportunities that are in alignment with their personal goals. This curriculum is delivered in a student-centered approach that combines a variety of effective classroom methods, skills, and experiential educational experiences.

Program Learning Outcomes (Curriculum Maps)

A curriculum map is a graphical illustration of the relationship between a program’s courses and the program’s student learning outcomes. Curriculum maps at Aims Community College identify the program’s mission statement (red), program-learning goals (dark gray), and expected program student learning outcomes (light gray). In addition, Aims’ curriculum maps indicate where learning outcomes are introduced, reinforced, and mastered.


Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.)

Aims offers two different two-year A.A.S. degrees within the department, one in Marketing/Management and the other in Business Management. In addition to the "core" Business and Fundamentals of Accounting (Legal Environment of Business, PC Spreadsheet Concepts: Excel and Corporate Ethics & Social Responsibility), students take 28 credits of required courses to earn this degree.

This degree is for students that enjoy working with people, being creative, communicating messages, managing, supervising, and leading employees, doing advertising campaigns and so much more.

The Aims Marketing/Management program supports local and regional economic development by providing a quality education that also meets the needs of the many industries in Weld and surrounding counties. Graduates can have an exciting career in industries like hospitality, government, retail, finance, manufacturing, service technology and agriculture.

Potential job opportunities include:


In addition to the degree program, students can earn a number of different certificates. Below are listed the "mini" certificates along with certificates requiring more credits, but please know that all certificate courses apply to the degree.

Advanced Management Certificate (11 credits) - this certificate is designed to give students a concentration of courses to assist with middle level managerial duties with topics such as organizational behavior, , time management, and more.

Event Management Certificate (16 credits) - this certificate prepares students to organize and manage any type of event - small or large. Courses include Technical Writing, Event Planning, Negotiations, Small Business Management and more.

Introduction to Customer Service and Leadership Certificate (12 credits) - this certificate will introduce a student to leadership skills and what it takes to be in a public, front counter type of position.

Customer Service and Leadership Certificate (24 credits) - this certificate builds on the Introduction Certificate and gives students  in depth knowledge and skill of how to manage employees and customers for effective customer relations.

Management Basics Certificate (16 credits) - this certificate introduces the student to beginning levels of management and concepts and skills to begin an entry level management position with courses such as Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Team building and Human Relations.

Marketing Basics Certificate (9 credits) - this beginning level certificate introduces the student to marketing, sales and advertising content to give them a basic understanding of the marketing field.

Marketing/Management Certificate (25 credits) - this is our largest certificate which gives students the opportunity to explore the fields of marketing and management and gives them a good base for any career field in management. Students will cover Leadership, Sales, Corporate Ethics, Supervision and Conflict Resolution topics.

Real Estate Certificate (12 credits) - this specialized certificate gives students the required seat time to sit for the Colorado Broker's License Exam.

Retail Management Certificate (24 credits) - this certificate is an accredited business program that will give students the skills they need to get started or advance your career in the retail industry. The certificate has been recognized as a part of the White House’s Upskill Initiative, and leading organizations and foundations including the ACT Foundation and the U.S. Department of Labor. More information can be found at

Small Business Management Certificate (17 credits) - Small businesses are critical to the American economy, generating two-thirds of new private-sector jobs nationwide, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Additionally, as of April 2014, nearly 15 million professionals identified themselves as self-employed, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Entrepreneurs who aspire to become business owners can boost their chances for success by obtaining a solid business education and up-to-date skills with this certificate.

Supervisory Management Certificate (16 credits) - This certificate teaches the skills to work directly with employees on day-to-day business operations and helps students navigate through the business world. The selection of courses in this certificate will give students a solid foundation in topics such as leadership, teambuilding, negotiations and principles of supervision.

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Essential Skills

Check out the essential skills guide, which lists commonly encountered qualities and skills typically necessary to succeed in a particular program or area of interest.