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Marketing Management

Earn a Marketing Management Associate Degree at Aims

Combine your creativity and people skills with a fulfilling career in marketing. Earn an associate degree in marketing management at Aims and become a professional with skills you can use in any industry.

Learn the ideas and goals behind a product or service and how to promote it to spark interest and drive business growth. Study the history and principles of marketing, advertising, sales and business and how they interconnect to help companies thrive. Discover how to develop marketing and advertising strategies and how consumer behavior impacts those strategies. 

Experience a learning environment that fosters critical thinking and collaboration, taught by people with real-world business experience. The marketing management associate degree program will prepare you for an entry-level marketing position in a variety of industries.

“We have full-time and part-time faculty members who've actually done this work in business. [T]hey not only teach you the theory behind it, but they can give you real-life examples and help you understand how you're actually going to be applying your learning.” --Ellen Swieter, chair of the Aims Business Department

Turn Your Creativity and Passion for Business Into a Career

Aims Degree Video - Marketing_Management - Marketing_Management

Ellen Swieter, chair of the Aims Business Department, shares how the Aims marketing management degree program prepares you to work in the creative side of the business world.

Gain Marketing and Business Skills With a Marketing Management Degree 

From hilarious Super Bowl ads to snarky fast food Twitter accounts to cleverly written emails, marketing drives business promotion and growth. Digital and print marketing helps businesses, nonprofits and government organizations get the word out about their products and services.

While earning a marketing management associate degree, you’ll gain industry knowledge and build valuable skills, including:

  • Understanding the history and practical applications of marketing
  • How digital marketing strategies work to promote products and services
  • The role of sales in the marketing process
  • How to budget for social media or other marketing campaigns
  • Using your creativity to develop compelling campaigns
  • Understanding marketing in a global economy
  • How to give a sales presentation
  • Soft skills including time management, teamwork, critical thinking and creative problem-solving

The classes in this program are project-based. You’ll learn how to sell, market or advertise a product, determine a target audience and monitor an advertising budget.

In addition to the core business and marketing classes, customize the rest of your coursework with electives based on your specific areas of interest, including retailing, advertising and consumer behavior. Business-oriented general education requirements include classes in economics, financial mathematics and technical writing.

A student-centered approach to learning combines a variety of effective classroom methods, skills and experiential opportunities. The marketing management classes feature guest speakers who work in law, sales or accounting. These professionals bring the curriculum to life by sharing how theoretical topics apply in the real world. 

Leverage Your Associate Degree to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

After earning a two-year degree, many students choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in marketing management. Through an articulation transfer program, course credits from your Aims marketing management associate degree can seamlessly transfer to two four-year schools, Regis University and Franklin University

Learn Marketing and Business Skills With a Certificate 

Earning a certificate is a cost-effective way to explore an area of interest without committing to a full academic degree program. Choose a basic marketing management certificate covering marketing, sales and advertising, or go more in-depth with a certificate that delves into both business and marketing management.

If you want to continue studying marketing management by pursuing an associate degree, you can apply the course credits from these certificate programs to an Aims marketing management or business management degree program.

  • Marketing Basics Certificate
  • Management Basics Certificate
  • Marketing Management Certificate
  • Digital Marketing Certificate
  • Supervisory Management Certificate
  • Introduction to Customer Service and Leadership Certificate
  • Customer Service and Leadership Certificate
  • Advanced Management Certificate

Launch Your Career in Marketing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for marketing managers will remain strong as organizations need marketing campaigns to grow their brands. The Aims marketing management associate degree prepares you for entry-level positions in marketing. 

Marketing managers work in virtually any industry and at organizations of every size. For example, corporations hire marketing professionals to research, create and execute marketing strategies. Advertising agencies and marketing firms hire professionals to manage their staff and lead campaigns. Nonprofit and government organizations also need marketing professionals to promote their offerings.

If you’re interested in working in a specific industry like hospitality, retail, agriculture or government, you can apply what you learn to launch your marketing management career in that field.

Examples of entry-level marketing management jobs include:

  • Digital marketing coordinator
  • Social media manager
  • Marketing analyst
  • Brand strategist
  • Advertising sales representative
$44,125 Median salary w/associate Source:

Marketing Management Faculty and Staff

Professors with real-world experience in marketing and business teach the marketing management courses at Aims. Learn from instructors who can teach the theories behind current business practices and demonstrate real-world applications from their direct experience.

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    Adam Sanfeliz

    Associate Professor, Marketing & Management
  • Judy Stencel

    Part-Time: Faculty, Business
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    Claudia Stevens

    Part-Time: Faculty, Business