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e-Billing FAQ

This page answers common questions students, parents and third parties might have about E-billing. Click on links in the sidebar to view common questions and answers related to other payment topics.

What is e-billing?

E-billing is an automated billing system for college tuition and fees. The system will automatically send an email to the student’s Aims and personal email accounts on record with the college. This email will state that a balance is owed to the college and will include payment deadlines and policy information.


When are e-bills emailed to students?

E-bills are sent automatically on the 20th of each month as long as the student has a balance owed on their student account for the current and future semesters.


When can the student expect the first e-bill notice to be sent to their email?

Once registration opens for the semester, the e-bill system is active. Once you register for classes, you should expect to receive an e-bill notice on the 20th of the month.


I didn’t get an e-bill, what do I do?

If you didn’t receive an e-bill, please check your spam or junk mail folder. Sometimes emails from companies or agencies will go to spam automatically. Open the email in the spam folder and click that the item is not spam, which should resolve the issue. E-bills are sent to your myAims email account so we recommend you check your email regularly in your myAims portal. If it’s not going to spam, please log in to myAims and review your contact information. Contact the Enrollment office if you need assistance updating your information on file. 


Will any paper bills be sent by mail to the student?

The college only mails paper bills to students at approximately Midterms and after the Final Payment Deadline once service fees have been assessed. Students can look at their tuition bill online 24/7 in myAims portal.


Can the e-bill be sent to my parents and/or another responsible party?

No, e-bills are only sent to the student’s myAims and primary personal email addresses on file with the Enrollment Office. The student can have the primary personal email address on file changed to another one if they wish.


I received Financial Aid but am still receiving e-bills, why?

Students will still receive e-bill notices until the Financial Aid posts to the student’s tuition account and pays tuition charges in full. If you are receiving e-bills after you received a refund check, please go online to verify your balance. If you dropped or withdrew from classes after you already received your refund check, you may owe those funds back to the college due to adjustments in your Financial Aid eligibility.


I have a third party covering my classes, why am I receiving e-bills?

Students will still receive e-bill notices until the third party posts to the student’s tuition account and pays tuition charges in full. 

Third-party payments will not be posted to the student’s tuition account until the drop deadline for the semester has passed. Students generally can expect their third-party payment to post within 30-45 days after the drop deadline for the semester. 

If you are still receiving e-bills after midterms and you believe a third party was paying for 100%, please make sure all your classes were covered under the third-party agreement and the correct amounts and/or classes were listed on the third-party authorization. Also note: Some third parties will not pay for withdrawn classes. If you have withdrawn from a class or classes, you could be held liable for those course charges or owe a repayment of funds back to Aims.