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MyPaymentPlan FAQ

This page answers common questions students, parents and third parties might have about MyPaymentPlan. Click on the links in the sidebar to view common questions and answers to other payment-related topics.

Is it safe to enroll online?

All information is kept confidential, and all information is encrypted.


Is there an enrollment fee to sign up for a payment plan and how much is it?

There is a one-time non-refundable enrollment fee when you sign up for MyPaymentPlan. Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) will deduct the fee from your banking institution generally within 45-72 hours upon completion of the contract (as soon as you click the Authorize button).

Summer 2023 semester - $25.00 enrollment fee

Fall 2023 semester and future - $30.00 enrollment fee

It won’t let me sign up for a payment plan. Why?

There could be several reasons the system does not show a “Setup Payment Plan” button.

  • You may not be registered for classes for the semester.
  • You have been awarded financial aid funding and the aid covers all your tuition costs
  • You may owe insufficient fund fees to NBS due to a prior semester payment plan that had difficulties processing your monthly payments. The fee is $30 per payment attempt that NBS tried during that semester. Full payment must be made to NBS directly for any fees before you will be allowed to sign up for a new payment plan.
  • Our system shows you already have a payment plan in place.

If you are having trouble signing up for a plan or gaining access to the payment plan portal, please contact the Cashier’s Office and we would be happy to help you.

NBS states I owe them money for NSF fees, why?

NBS charges $30 each time it is unable to draft a scheduled payment per the payment plan you signed up for. If those fees were never paid, then NBS blocks you from setting up a new payment plan until those owed fees are paid in full. NBS sent emails explaining when and why those fees were incurred.

For example, if you had a payment plan for the fall semester and it was unable to draft one of the scheduled payments so NBS charged your payment plan account $30. If NBS was unable to draft that fee during that payment plan time frame, then it will block any future access to the payment plan portal until it's paid in full.

I just realized I didn't have enough money in my account for the enrollment fee or the down payment. What will happen?

If NBS is unable to draft the non-refundable enrollment fee or any associated down payment, your contract will automatically terminate, and you will have to complete the process again. The college is notified of these failures within 24-48 hours.


I do not have a computer. How can I enroll for the payment plan?

You can enroll on any computer at home, on campus, or on a public computer such as one at the city library. The college provides computer labs on all campuses for students to use. You can only sign up for a payment plan online through the Aims website for summer 2023 and Workday for Fall 2023.


I'm having trouble with the MyPaymentPlan application process. How can I get help?

On your MyPaymentPlan dashboard, locate the “Chat” link found on the top right-hand side of the screen. If you are still having difficulty completing the application, please contact NBS (Nelnet) at (800) 609-8056 or any Cashier’s Office with the college.


How soon is the college notified of my registration in MyPaymentPlan?

The college is notified of your completed online agreement within 5-10 minutes. For Summer 2023, the payment plan system will place a flag on your Aims tuition account indicating to us you have made payment arrangements for the semester. You will also receive an acknowledgment email notification to verify your registration with NBS to the email address you indicated on the contract.

In Workday, you will see your payment plan as an anticipated aid item on your account.  The balance owed on your plan will be shown as anticipated as long as your payment plan is active for that specific semester.  

How often is MyPaymentPlan notified of changes to my Aims tuition account balance due to things such as dropped/added classes and additional payments?

Payment plans are updated on a regular basis, usually once a day. The payment plan system will notify you by email whenever a change occurs with your payment plan.

The balance showing on MyPaymentPlan account may not match the Aims/Workday account due to the timing of reports between the two agencies.

Please note: any schedule or tuition balance changes made within 2-3 business days of the expected draft may not change the monthly payment for that month. Be prepared to make your regular monthly payment. Your remaining months of payments will be adjusted due to the change made.

How will I be notified of changes or updates to my payment plan?

The payment plan system will email all notifications to the email address you indicated while setting up the payment plan. Please make sure you indicate a current email and that it's one that you check on a regular basis. After setting up a payment plan, make sure to check your spam folder regularly to ensure you are receiving the emails. If an item is sent to spam, you should be able to open the email and click that it is not spam. This will prevent all future emails from NBS from going to spam.


Can my parent(s)or another person sign up for a payment plan for my tuition balance?

You can set up an Authorized Party account for parents or other parties assisting with paying for your education. Once the authorized party completes the login setup, they can access the Payment Plan portal and set up a payment plan on your behalf. Due to FERPA regulations, only students have access to myAims. The college is not able to create usernames and passwords for anyone other than the student.

In Workday, students can set up Friends and Family access as well to access specific tasks.

My balance is now zero. Will the payment plan end?

Once your account has a zero balance, your payment plan goes to an inactive status. If at any time during the remainder of the semester, you incur any charges, then the plan will re-activate and draft monthly payments until it is paid in full. Example: financial aid pays to your account, pays your balance off and a refund is issued to you. At that moment you would have a zero balance and your payment plan would go to inactive status. If you add a course or financial aid adjusts your account for repayment of funds -- once the college reports that new balance -- then it will start drafting monthly payments again based on that new balance.


I have a third party/sponsor paying for my full or partial tuition. Do I need to sign up for a payment plan?

No, if a third-party entity is paying your tuition in full or partial for the semester, then you will not need to sign up for a payment plan. The entity must have paperwork on file with the Cashier’s office by the posted deadlines.  A third party is not a parent, grandparent, guardian, etc. A third-party entity is a federal, state, county or government agency such as Veteran Affairs, Workforce, DVR, TAA, Embassy’s, Career Ladder, CAMP, employer, etc.


I have been awarded financial aid for the semester. Do I need to sign up for a payment plan?

The answer is no if you have been officially awarded* financial aid for the semester. All students can view their financial aid award status in the Myaims student portal or Workday.  But, if you haven't received your award letter, we recommend you sign up for a payment plan while financial aid continues to process your FAFSA. Completing the FAFSA online does not guarantee that the school will award you. You will need to make the monthly payments until your aid pays to your account.

*Awarded is defined as Aims Community College has officially mailed or emailed the student an Award Letter stating the maximum amount the student is eligible to receive for the semesters indicated; full-time, 12 credit hours. The student has met requirements for eligibility based on the information supplied on the FAFSA and any other additional documentation submitted to the college.

Can I pay in cash for the enrollment fee?

No. MyPaymentPlan system only accepts a bank account routing/account number or credit or debit card online to pay the enrollment fee or any down payments and monthly payments. Payment of the enrollment fee in cash can not be made with the college.


I don't have a checking or savings account and no credit card. Can I still enroll?

The payment plan system requires you to have either a checking or savings account or a credit or debit card available in order to sign up for a plan. If you don’t have one of those accounts available, we have several suggestions:

  • Pay your balance in full to the school by the payment deadlines
  • Open either a checking or savings account at a financial institution.

Purchase a prepaid, reloadable credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express) from any store. Please remember to reload the prepaid credit card with the proper amount each month in order for the payment plan system to process the monthly payment per the payment plan you choose. You can place the funds on that card then use the 16 digits on the card to complete the payment plan agreement. Some cards give you a temporary card, then mail you another card within 30 days. When you get that new card, you must call Nelnet directly or login to MyPaymentPlan website to update the contract with the new card number.

Can the date of the monthly payment be changed?

Students can contact the Greeley Cashier’s office directly at (970) 339-6349 to request moving monthly payments to either the 5th or 20th of the month for the next payment draft. This request must be done at least three business days before that next scheduled draft to have it changed to another date. Changes to payment plans are not possible the day before or the same day of the scheduled draft per banking regulations.

When and what time will the funds be withdrawn from my bank or credit card account?
We cannot determine the actual time it will attempt on your banking account. Students need to make sure the funds are available in the banking account as of the day the payment is scheduled per your agreement. Monthly payments are only processed every 5th or 20th of the month unless the date falls on a weekend or a holiday. If so, then the monthly payment will be processed on the following business day.

Your payment draft schedule is indicated on your confirmation email from NBS or you may log into your MyPaymentPlan account to view your account information.

How soon does my down payment come out?

Your down payment is immediate as stated in the terms and conditions and on the payment plan website. At the time you complete the online agreement, the down payment will be processed immediately, which means you must have those funds available that same day. It could be within 48 hours, once you complete the agreement you need to ensure the funds are in that bank account.  


I registered for the payment plan but decided to pay the school in full. Can I stop my down payment?

No, the down payment is immediate and there is no method by the school or the payment plan company to stop the attempt. We recommend you allow the down payment to process and post to your student account before making any payments to the school.


I didn't realize I was short of funds in my account, and there will not be enough money in my account for the down payment. What will happen?

If your down payment should return due to lack of funds, stop payment, or inaccurate banking, your agreement will be terminated. If an accurate e-mail address is provided, you will receive notification from NBS on what steps to follow. Currently, you will not be assessed a missed payment fee from NBS if the down payment fails. If the down payment fails, then you could be dropped from all your classes.  


How will I be notified of my payment information?

Once your agreement is posted to the NBS MyPaymentPlan system, you will receive a confirmation notification of your payment amount by email or letter.


Can I pay by phone with NBS MyPaymentPlan company?

NBS does not accept payments over the phone. You must log into MyAims and go to the “Paying for College” link. On your MyPaymentPlan dashboard is a button that will allow you to pay an additional amount toward your payment plan. Additional payments are also accepted at the college but must be made 3-7 business days before the next payment draft in order to reduce or eliminate that payment draft.


What about missed payments?

Should you miss an automatic bank payment or credit card payment, a $30 NBS non-sufficient missed payment fee will be automatically assessed to your account. You will be notified by NBS of the missed payment via mail or email. NBS will attempt the $30 NSF fee within 10 days of the NSF notification.


I have changed my bank account and address. What do I need to do?

Students can update their banking information in the student system online.

For Summer 2023 semester:

  • Click on the “Paying for College" link
  • Click on "Manage Payment plan" link inside MyAims.
  • On your NBS dashboard, locate the “Financial Account” link on your toolbar, where you can update that information. Contact NBS customer service for assistance. 

For Fall 2023 semester:

  • Log into Workday
  • Click the Finances app
  • On side, click on Setup/Manage your payment plan link
  • Follow prompts

I registered for the payment plan. Can I pay the school for the next payment instead of NBS?

No, if you attempt to pay Aims directly for the MyPaymentPlan scheduled payment, it WILL NOT cancel the scheduled payment. Aims will report the reduction in balance to NBS and only your scheduled payments will be adjusted.


Can my next scheduled payment be canceled or moved to another date?

You can call the Greeley Cashier’s office and we will review your account to determine if your request can be completed.


I dropped a class or classes after the first of the month. Will that change the next monthly payment draft on the fifth?

Depending on timing and our weekly updates to their system, we generally tell students to expect the payment to draft as scheduled.


My financial aid was posted after the first of the month. Will that change the next monthly payment draft on the fifth?

Depending on timing and our weekly updates to the system, we generally tell students to expect the payment to draft as scheduled.


My payment drafted, but I don’t see it posted to my Aims account. Why?

MyPaymentPlan is a separate system from Aims. It can take up to 10 days from the date of the scheduled draft to post to your student account at Aims. Aims usually has all payments posted to student accounts by the 10th day after the scheduled draft. You will receive an email from Aims when the payment posts to your student account. Students can log into their MyPaymentPlan account to view all activity on their plan.