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Sponsor Billing - Student FAQ

This page answers common questions students and parents might have about third-party payments. Click on the links in the sidebar to view common questions and answers related to those payment topics.

What are the hours of operation for the Cashier’s Office?

The Cashier’s Office hours are always updated in the sidebar on the Cashier's Office page. 


Where are the Cashier’s Offices located?

Cashier’s Offices are located on the Greeley and Fort Lupton campuses.


How can I contact the Cashier’s Office?

The Cashier’s Office can be contacted by phone, mail or email and the current contact information is always updated in the sidebar on this page. Our general email address for all student questions in reference to your student tuition account is Responses to emails can take up to 48 business hours.  During peak volume times, it is suggested to contact us in person in order for you to complete your business.


What is a sponsor (third-party) authorization?

A sponsor (third-party) authorization is a document from the outside entity that states the following:

  • Student's name, Aims ID#
  • Semester to be covered
  • What the company is requesting to be invoiced for such as tuition, fees and other registration course fees
  • Any special conditions such as maximum amount to be billed, only certain tuition classification rates and specific classes
  • Billing address for invoicing
  • Contact information with company or entity


Does the bookstore require a separate authorization for books?

Yes, the outside entity can contact the bookstore for further information on the proper procedures for that office.


When is the sponsor (third-party) authorization applied to the student’s account so they are no longer accountable for their tuition bill?

Generally, the student can see the payment on their account within 60 days after the drop period ends depending on when the entity paperwork is received by Aims. Our system posts a payment to the student account paying them an amount equal to the authorization and at the same time puts a charge on the entity's account equal to the authorization. The student account is paid and the company/entity is now responsible for those charges. An invoice is then sent to the company/entity.


How can a student submit sponsor (third-party) authorization paperwork?

Students can submit sponsor (third-party) authorization paperwork by mail,  email or in person. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the Cashier’s Office receives the sponsor (third-party) authorization according to the deadlines to ensure timely processing of the paperwork. All authorizations are due by the full-term drop deadline for each semester. 

Entities can send the billing authorization directly to our office by sending it to our email,


What are the deadlines for submitting sponsor (third-party) authorizations to the college?

All authorizations are due by the full-term drop deadline for each semester.


What if I have a question about my student account or sponsor (third-party) authorization?

For questions on your student account, contact the Student Accounts/Cashier's Office by phone 970-339-6349 or by email at


Can the sponsor (third-party) entity change the authorization after it is submitted to Aims Community College?

Yes, please submit the revised authorization to Aims as soon as possible. We will void the previous authorization and process the revised authorization per sponsor (third-party) billing procedures.


If I drop a class will my sponsor (third party) be billed for that class?

It depends on when the class is dropped.  

If we have not processed your authorization yet, then the entity will not be billed for the class. 

If we have already processed your authorization, then we will adjust the billing and send a credit memo to the entity for the adjustment. 


If I withdraw from a course, will my sponsor (third party) be billed for that class?

Depending on your sponsor (third-party) paperwork, the sponsor may or may not be billed. If the paperwork or the agreement with the agency states they will not pay for withdrawals then the sponsor will not be billed and you the student are responsible for the tuition and fees for that course. Please check with your sponsor for additional information.


I have financial aid awards and a sponsor (third party); which one will post to my account first?

Generally, financial aid disbursements are applied to your account first, which will pay all unpaid balances. You will receive a refund of all funds left after tuition/fees are paid from the financial aid disbursement and sponsor payments are posted within 60 days after the drop deadline. If your account has a balance, the sponsor payment will pay that balance and any remaining funds will be refunded. Your sponsor payments will not be posted before the drop deadline under any circumstances.

I added a class after submitting my sponsor (third-party) authorization, so do I need to do anything?

Yes, if your authorization is paying based on courses or the total cost of courses. Most authorizations list what courses they are to be billed for or the total maximum amount to be billed. If you add a course and it is not listed on the authorization, we will not bill the sponsor for that course until a new authorization including that additional course is submitted. It is your responsibility to contact the sponsor to receive an updated authorization and submit it to the Cashier’s Office.