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This page answers general common questions about how payments work at Aims. 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, there are payment plans available each semester that students can sign up for with MyPaymentPlan through your myAims portal. 


I dropped a class, how do I get a refund for that class?

You need to complete the procedure for correctly dropping a course either online or in person within the drop period or 15% of the class meetings. Drop requests cannot be accepted over the phone. Instructors also can not drop you from the course. Students should not expect instructors to drop the students from non-attendance, students are responsible for dropping courses by the deadlines to avoid being charged. 

To receive a refund, you need to ensure you drop the course within the drop deadline which can be found online when you "View your bill" located in the Paying for College link in Myaims.  If you drop the class after the drop deadline, this is considered a withdrawal and the student is held liable for the full cost of the course (no refund). If you received financial aid funds (grants, scholarships and/or loans), you may owe funds back to the college if you drop, stop attending or withdraw from courses.


What types of payments does Aims accept?

All Cashier’s Office locations accept cash, one-party checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express with proper identification. Credit/debit cards are accepted online. You can pay in full by credit card or sign up for a MyPaymentPlan through MyAims. Click on the "Paying for College" link on your student myaims webpage. 

Please note that making partial payments through the Aims CC Business Center does not place you on a payment plan. Please ensure you bring a picture id and/or your Aims ID# with you when making a payment in person. MyPaymentPlan payments are deducted automatically from your credit card/checking acct/savings acct by NBS (payments for MyPaymentPlan will not be accepted at the college in person).


Can payments be mailed in and to where?

Yes, payments can be mailed to our office with the following address: 

Aims Community College 
Attn: Cashiers Office 
P.O. Box 69 
Greeley, CO 80632 

The check must:

  • Be received by our office by the deadlines, not postmarked
  • Have current address on the top left corner of check (temporary checks not accepted)
  • Have the current phone number of the account holder on the check
  • Have student ID# indicated in the memo area

Please allow enough time when mailing the payments in order to meet our payment deadlines.

Please DO NOT send credit card information through the mail, this is for your protection and we will not accept it. 

If you are on a MypaymentPlan, NBS will automatically draft the monthly payments on the 5th or 20th of each month from your banking institution. Any payments or financial aid posted to your student account within 5 business days of the expected payment draft, will not affect or eliminate that draft. If your payment draft is returned for non-sufficient funds, you will be charged $30.00 by NBS.


Can payments be accepted over the phone?

Payments by credit card can be accepted by phone by calling 970-339-6349.  However, during peak times (two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester through the full-term drop deadline), it is suggested to make payments in person or online, due to the large volume of calls and students needing assistance. Please do not leave a message with your payment information. It can take our office 24-72 business hours to return phone calls depending on the time of the semester.


Can I pay online?

Credit/debit cards are accepted online thru the Make a Payment link in MyAims. Please login to the Myaims student portal and click on the "Paying for College" link  Payment link can be found there. 


Can my parents pay for my classes?

Parents can pay for your classes by mailing in a check with your Aims student ID number indicated in the memo area of the check and/or with the bottom portion of your bill. Parents or are welcome to come in person or call any Cashier’s Office to make a payment. Due to FERPA privacy regulations, we cannot release any information other than the balance of your account to your parent and/or any other person unless you completed, signed and submitted a Student Consent to Release Confidential Information Form to the Registration and Records Office indicating certain information we can release to the person(s) you indicated on the form.

If you wish for the parent to be able to pay online with credit/debit card, you must complete the Guest portal setup to grant access to the payment links. visit our website for more details. 

Download Student Consent to Release Confidential Information Form


Can someone else pay my tuition bill?

Anyone can pay for your tuition bill. All tuition bills are sent to the address of the student so if someone else is paying your tuition bill, it is your responsibility to get that information to the person responsible. Due to FERPA privacy regulations, we cannot release any information of your account to your parent and/or any other person unless you completed, signed and submitted a Release of Confidential Information form to the Registration and Records Office indicating certain information we can release to the person(s) you indicated on the form.

Can my bills be sent to my parents instead of my address?

No, any school mailings are sent to the student’s mailing address on file with Aims. Currently, students will only receive a paper bill at the point of registration if done in person, printed from the website or if the student has a remaining balance after the semester ends. During the semester, students will receive e-bill notices via their Aims and personal email address that is on record with Registration and Records. Your tuition rates are based on your residency and the address where all school mailings are sent.


How can I get a copy of my class schedule and current bill?

Your class schedule and current bill are available on the Aims website. A class schedule can also be acquired by going in person to the Registration and Records Office.