Continuing Education student raising hand

Continuing Education

Non-credit programs in the areas of professional development and personal development.

Continuing Education offers a variety of in-person and online, non-credit courses and certification preparation programs for community members and business partners. Browse our selection below to find something for YOU!

  • Country Swing Dancing Lifts!

    An opportunity to learn high level country swing dancing lifts in a safe enviroment. With lifts we unlock a new way to dance, build confidence, learn body control, and add to your dance play book. There are a few qualifiying lifts needed to proceed with this class - please email for more qualifying audition information. This guidline is set in place for the safety of yourself and other. Now let's get to dancin!
  • Crochet for Beginners

    Just as it sounds, you will be introduced into the amazing and versatile world of crochet! An instructor will guide you through terminology, simple stitches and send you off with the fundamentals to crochet your own accessories. If scarves aren’t your thing, learn to crochet stuffed animals, coasters, hot pads- the possibilities are endless!
  • Engage your Mind and Body

    This course focuses on how to optimize Social Security and Medicare to increase the security of your retirement years. We will also explore how to establish new physical, intellectual, emotional, and social habits for this next phase of life.
  • Event Planning

    In this class, we will go through the fundamentals of wedding planning from start to finish. Expect to learn how to take steps to be a successful planner, the ideal timeline you should be operating under, financial expectations, event promotion, and all the bells and whistles of planning. You will also walk away with materials to get you started on your event planning adventure. Let's get to planning!
  • Excel Basics

    Microsoft Excel is used to perform numeric calculations rapidly and organize your work or personal life.  In this class, you will learn the basic features of the MS Excel program by exploring the capabilities of the software in a hands-on environment.  Learn to create professional spreadsheets; work with formulas and functions; use formatting techniques; and develop basic charts and graphs.
  • Financial Literacy

    In this class we will discuss and work through the following topics:
    o Where money comes from and why knowing is important
    o Myths about money
    o Goal Setting
    o 7 step plan for financial success
  • Fitness for Active Agers

    Fitness for Active Agers will introduce students to weight machines, cardio equipment, free weights, and other equipment throughout the gym. Students will learn how to correctly use the equipment as well as how to incorporate it into a workout. This course will provide students the opportunity to experience a wide variety of workout styles while always providing modifications. The workouts will have an emphasis on strength training, cardiovascular training, improved core strength, balance, and flexibility.
  • FITNESS Line Dancing

    FITNESS Line Dancing classes is for those who want to learn how to dance and get in shape. This class will incorporate Line Dancing steps in a fast moving exercise routine that will get your heart rate pumping and the sweat pouring.  This class is open to anyone and everyone of all ages. It is perfect for those who want to try getting into the groove of exercising or are seeking a great accountability community to be a part of. 
  • General Budgeting

    In this class we will discuss and work through the following topics:
    o Why you need a budget
    o Fixed vs Variable Income
    o How to find the leak in your budget
    o Where to focus if you’re behind on bills
    o How to build a budget and anticipate costs
  • General Finance - Literacy, Budgeting and Investing

    Ready to improve on your financial game? In this three-part series we will cover all of the basic concepts when it comes to money, goal setting and the seven steps to financial success. We will then move into budgeting to understand why a person needs a budget, where to focus when you are behind on bills and how to build a budget and anticipate costs. Lastly, we will discuss general investing as we start to understand the different funding types, fees, platforms and how compounding interest works. Take these classes as a series or separately.