Continuing Education student raising hand

Continuing Education

Non-credit programs in the areas of professional development and personal development.

Continuing Education offers a variety of in-person and online, non-credit courses and certification preparation programs for community members and business partners. Browse our selection below to find something for YOU!

  • Portrait/Studio Workshop

    Come join a professional portrait photographer to learn how you can improve your own portraits. We'll spend the day shooting outside and then coming into the editing lab, learning how to give photos final touches. You'll then get the chance to use professional studio equipment and get a feel for studio portraiture. The class will cover in-depth techniques to taking portraits including portrait equipment, how to pose your subject, what kind of light looks best on people, and how to operate professional still cameras. There will be cameras available to use, but if you own a DSLR and wish to learn how to use it, this is a great opportunity!
  • Quickbooks, Intermediate (Desktop Version)

    This class will take you to the next level of handling your company’s books. You will learn how to master the software by utilizing the help screens; setting up preferences; changing inventory prices; and working with inactive items, passwords and more.
    Prerequisite: QuickBooks Introduction or equivalent knowledge
  • Quickbooks, Introduction (Desktop Version)

    Learn to navigate the basic features of QuickBooks.  You will create a new company and practice making daily transactions such as checks, invoices, and deposits.  You will learn how to utilize QuickBooks screens and inventory feature as well as discuss the chart of accounts. Prerequisite: Proficient understanding of computers
  • Quickbooks, Payroll (Desktop Version)

    Need to get your employees paid accurately, on time and save yourself money along the way? Then this course is for you! You will learn how to use the QuickBooks salary and wage functions; how to get employees set up to get paid; and manage your books and accounting; all in one place.
    Prerequisite: QuickBooks Introduction and Intermediate or equivalent knowledge
  • Reflect on Your External and Internal Codes

    The course focuses on how to navigate the US tax code to your advantage with tax-efficient planning and tax-efficient retirement distributions. We will also address estate planning issues and end with an assessment of the internal codes (e.g., rules) that might be limiting all you are intended to be.
  • Relax and Renew Yoga

    Relax your entire body and mind in this gentle yoga practice suitable for all levels.  This class is designed to initiate the relaxation response and bring balance to your life.  A class that is geared  toward  decreasing stress that can lead to a better night`s sleep.  Gentle stretching, supportive holds utilizing props (such as blankets and pillows) and quiet breaths define this class.
  • Retire Ready Series

    Taken individually or together, each of the four courses explore a different element related to planning for the next act of your life. Each course will explore frameworks and tools that enable one to thrive financially and relationally in Retirement or what some call: The Second Act.
  • Situatioinal Awareness for Everyone

    Situational awareness refers to the actual awareness of a situation. Learning S.A.F.E. means a person can identify the person or persons preparing for an attack, before it actually happens. As a result, you can give yourself and others those few seconds needed to escape or thwart an attack before it happens. In this class, you will you will be trained to observe and identify those pre-event indicators helping you avoid or handle a situation with more preparedness.
  • Social Media for the Entrepreneur

    Entering the entrepreneurial market? Have a great product or idea and not sure of how to use social media to raise brand awareness? Social media platforms are evolving daily and have become the hub for business marketing. As an entrepreneur your primary focus is on business development. In many cases it is difficult to find the time to stay consistent on social and use the platforms strategically. Weekly class will be interactive with a focus on how to promote your brand strategically and effectively. Emphasis on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tik Tok