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Disability Access Services

Rights and Responsibilities

Disability Access Services (DAS) is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities enrolled at Aims Community College have access to a barrier-free education that gives them equal opportunities to be successful. In order to stand by this commitment, Disability Access Services has outlined the rights and responsibilities for students, staff and DAS.

The following is a list of student rights and responsibilities regarding disability accommodations.

Each student with a disability at Aims Community College has the right to:

  • An equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from courses, programs, services or activities.
  • An equal opportunity to work and to learn, and to receive reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments and auxiliary aids and services.
  • The assurance that all disability-related records will be confidential and maintained separately from college and university records in accordance with applicable law.
  • Accommodations in a timely manner once they have been properly requested.
  • Discuss accommodations with each instructor, identifying which accommodation will be utilized for each class.

Students with a disability at Aims are responsible for:

  • Their own enrollment.
  • Identifying themselves to the Disability Access Service Office (DAS).
  • Providing appropriate documentation from a qualified professional.
  • Initiating all requests for accommodations and services each semester.
  • Working with DAS and the instructor in obtaining and implementing accommodations
  • Taking responsibility for using or not using accommodations.
  • Meeting qualifications and maintaining essential institutional standards for courses, programs, services or activities.
  • Informing DAS in a timely manner when concerns arise.

If students have questions or problems concerning the appropriateness of an accommodation, they must contact DAS. If no resolution occurs at this stage, the student should consult the current Aims student handbook, Student Informal Complaint Process, or the Student Grievance Procedure.

The following is a list of rights and responsibilities for Disability Access Services (DAS) regarding disability accommodations.

Each member of DAS is expected to: 

  • Inform the student of the process for obtaining and maintaining services
  • Collect, evaluate and house disability documentation for each student
  • Determine student eligibility for accommodations. The institution reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of submitted documentation and requests for accommodation(s) on a case-by-case basis, utilizing the professional judgment of the DAS staff. Additional information may be requested to determine eligibility for services.
  • Collaborate with student and instructor to determine and arrange appropriate accommodations for assessments and courses
  • Advocate needs, rights and responsibilities of students
  • Make referrals for on campus and within the community and act as a liaison for the student.

Relevant information regarding the student's disability may be shared with those who have a legitimate educational interest.

The following is a list of faculty rights and responsibilities regarding disability accommodations.

Each faculty member has the right to:

  • Request the student provide a faculty notification letter (accommodation letter) from the Disability Access Service (DAS) before implementing any accommodations in the classroom.
  • Provide input regarding accommodations in class.
  • Be informed enough about the student’s disability to work effectively.
  • Challenge an accommodation request if the faculty member believes the student is not qualified, if the accommodation would result in a fundamental alteration of the program, if the institution is being asked to address a personal need, or if the accommodation would impose an undue financial or administrative burden.
  • Call DAS with any questions or concerns in regards to approved accommodations.

The faculty member does not have the right to deny an approved accommodation listed on a faculty notification letter or to question a student about whether the disability exists. If questions or concerns do arise, the faculty member should call the DAS Office.

Each faculty member is responsible for assuming a shared responsibility in providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities by:

  • Cooperating with DAS in providing approved accommodations in a fair and timely manner.
  • Referring a student to DAS if the student approaches the instructor directly with a verbal accommodation request but does not present a faculty notification letter.
  • Fostering a respectful and confidential classroom environment for students with disabilities.
  • Suggesting alternatives to a requested accommodation if an accommodation impacts the essential elements of the course.

Aims Community College has compliance obligations under federal laws; therefore, faculty members share the responsibility in providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Also, faculty members act as advocates for DAS. Therefore, it is suggested that a disability statement be included in each course syllabus.

Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact DAS as soon as possible to ensure that reasonable accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.

All information regarding a student’s disability is confidential and may not be shared with anyone without the consent of the student. All documentation and files relating to a student’s disability are housed in the DAS Office and are not part of the student’s college record. However, DAS does comply with the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).