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The renovated Welding building on the Greeley campus is now open!

Aims Welding buildingThe Aims Welding building on the Greeley campus.

Welding lab Students work in the welding lab.

welding locker room
Locker room in the Welding building.

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Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Aims Welding Technology Program is to provide a comprehensive curriculum and a network of support that will enable students to build a strong foundation of skill and knowledge in preparation for a successful career in the welding and metal fabrication fields.

Program Learning Outcomes (Curriculum Maps)

A curriculum map is a graphical illustration of the relationship between a program’s courses and the program’s student learning outcomes. Curriculum maps at Aims Community College identify the program’s mission statement (red), program-learning goals (dark gray), and expected program student learning outcomes (light gray). In addition, Aims’ curriculum maps indicate where learning outcomes are introduced, reinforced, and mastered. 


From cars to pipelines, welding is the leading way to join metals. Northern Colorado’s cities and industries depend on welders to build our way of life. Our most basic necessities to our most advanced technologies all are made possible thanks to welding.

The Welding Technology Program at Aims Community College is designed to provide you with the skills necessary to successfully enter the welding field.

The most common welding and cutting processes are covered in great detail, as well as many other skills required of welders, such as:

Employers want welders who pay attention to details and focus on what it takes to work steadily and patiently to achieve high skill levels. We can help you make this happen.

For more information, contact Paul Hasty (970) 339-6321 or Jeff Klein (970) 339-6203

Essential Skills

Check out the essential skills guide,which lists commonly encountered qualities and skills typically necessary to succeed in a particular program or area of interest.