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Aims welding students wearing safety masks and gear practicing welding

Welding Technology

New! Earn your welding degree on weekends

To meet high demand, Aims is adding a new weekend welding schedule for career-changers with families or full-time jobs (or both). You can complete the entire welding degree program on a weekend schedule on the campus of your choice—no need to switch campuses or take welding classes during the week.

The Aims Weekend Welding Schedule Starts Soon

  • Greeley Campus: January 2024
  • Fort Lupton Campus:  August 2024

The Aims welding program is popular and the weekend program is expected to fill up fast.

Apply today.

Earn a Welding Associate Degree at Aims

Are you mechanically inclined or do you enjoy working with your hands? Are you interested in a career that combines skill and attention to detail? The Aims welding technology program gives you the training you need to begin a rewarding career in the welding industry. 

Welding uses heat to fuse metal parts. Welders can create something new, such as a trailer, fire pit, or sculpture, and repair existing structures and objects, including vehicles, pipelines, bridges, and more. Learn vital welding skills such as fabrication, a variety of welding techniques and weld inspection at the recently remodeled Greeley or Fort Lupton campuses. 

Earn your welding associate degree at Aims and start a career in any number of industries where you can make a difference creating or repairing vital components and infrastructure that keep our society running.

Your Future Can Be Precision and Fabrication

Aims Degree Video - Welding - Welding Technology

Aims welding technology instructor Jeff Klein describes the pride in craftsmanship you’ll gain from taking raw materials and making something new, from art to functional necessities.

Learn Welding and Cutting Processes in a Hands-on Program

The welding program at Aims teaches the most common welding processes used in the industry today. With each welding technology degree course, build your knowledge and skills to prepare you for work in the industry.

Study techniques including:

  • Cutting processes
  • Shielded metal arc welding (stick welding)
  • Gas metal and flux core arc (MIG welding)
  • Gas tungsten arc welding (TIG welding)
  • Pipe welding
  • Metallurgy
  • Reading blueprints
  • Fabrication
  • Weld inspections

We have many success stories and students who come to see us afterward and say, ‘I'm working here and I love it, and this shop is amazing.’ That's the passion that we want to have as faculty members in the welding department at Aims, to see these students flourish and continue to grow.

Jeff Klein
Aims Welding Technology instructor
Portrait of Jeff Klein

Work closely with experienced instructors while learning specialized welding techniques, safety standards and inspections. 

You’ll receive your own equipment and welding booth for each class. Choose between recently remodeled facilities at the Greeley or Fort Lupton campuses. 
Both welding facilities feature:

  • State-of-the-art welding fume extraction systems
  • A welding shop with individual arc welding booths
  • Metal preparation areas with metal cutting, grinding and cleaning stations
  • A fabrication shop

The Aims welding facilities are equipped with a variety of standard welding and cutting equipment that is specific to the processes being taught. These processes include oxyacetylene welding, shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), flux-cored arc welding (FCAW) and more. The fabrication shops at Aims have specialized metal fabrication equipment, including CNC plasma cutters, plate shears, ironworking, cold saw, band saw, and specialized fabrication tables.

The welding associate degree program at Aims also teaches soft skills that employers want. These include attention to detail and the patience to follow through with difficult projects. A capstone course allows you to apply everything you’ve learned by designing and fabricating a pressure vessel.

Welding Under Pressure

Watch Aims welding student Justin McEntee successfully test his pressure vessel to 1000 lbs. of pressure for a welding class project.

Aims Community College Welding Technology students can take their skills to the next level by training on industry-leading software and hardware with our X-Definition accu-kut CNC plasma cutting table from AKS Cutting Systems.

Earn a Welding Technology Certificate

At Aims, you can pursue a variety of welding certificates to build your skills. A welding certificate is an affordable way to explore a subject area or to strengthen specific skills. You can also use certificates to begin a welding technology associate degree at Aims.

  • Metal Cutting and Gouging Certificate
  • Arc Welding Processes Certificate
  • Pipe Welding Certificate
  • Metal Fabrication Certificate
  • Welding Technician Certificate

Launch Your Welding Technology Career

Welding - Student Testimonial - Shayla Lamb

Watch Aims graduate Shayla Lamb talk about her time at Aims Community College and her journey through the Welding Technology program.

If you’re mechanically inclined or love working with your hands, a welding career offers various career opportunities. Work in diverse industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, construction, HVAC, and oil and gas. 

Types of welding jobs you can get with a welding associate degree include:

  • Production welding and manufacturing
  • Pipe welding and fitting
  • Welding supervision and management
  • Automation and robotics welder
  • Welding inspection and quality control
  • Welding equipment sales and repair representative
  • Custom fabricator
  • Business owner or entrepreneur
$46,037 Median salary w/associate Source:

Welding Technology Faculty and Staff

Learn from instructors with real-world industry experience in many different types of welding from a variety of industries. While earning your welding associate degree, gain feedback from people who have worked in the field and understand what employers expect.

  • portrait of Cody Jones

    Cody Jones

    Professor, Dept. Chair, Welding Technology
  • Headshot of Graham Bylsma

    Graham Bylsma

    Associate Professor, Welding
  • Portrait of Nathan Crawford

    Nathan Crawford

    Associate Professor, Welding
  • Linda Richardson headshot

    Linda Richardson

    Staff Associate, Business & Technology
  • Headshot of Paul Hasty

    Paul Hasty

    Professor, Welding
  • Dylan Losh Headshot

    Dylan Losh

    Instructor, Welding
  • Jeff Klein

    Jeff Klein

    Professor, Welding
  • Pete Niehoff headshot

    Pete Niehoff

    Instructor, Welding
  • Headshot of Rick Hoines-Brumback

    Rick Hoines-Brumback

    Senior Advisor
  • Portrait of Melanie Goldacker

    Melanie Goldacker

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding
  • Headshot of Brian Martella

    Brian Martella

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding
  • Portrait of Justin McEntee

    Justin McEntee

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding
  • Headshot of Richard Smith

    Richard Smith

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding
  • Portrait of Luke Stoneman

    Luke Stoneman

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding
  • Portrait of Jennifer Thomas

    Jennifer Thomas

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding
  • Portrait of Henry Topham

    Henry Topham

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding
  • Headshot of Kevin Lattin

    Kevin Lattin

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding
  • Troy Ford headshot

    Troy Ford

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding
  • Headshot of Trenton Elliott

    Trenton Elliott

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding
  • Mike Farmer Headshot

    Mike Farmer

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding
  • Makenzy Martin Headshot

    Makenzy Martin

    Part-Time: Assistant Instructor, Welding