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Registration and Records

Register, Add, Drop & Withdraw

You must register every semester and can add, drop or withdraw from classes in-person or online through your myAims account. We recommend that you register for courses as early as possible before the semester starts so that you can get the best selection of courses. If you have to change your schedule, be sure to pay attention to the official deadlines for each course.

Immediately upon registration, please contact the Cashier's Office to coordinate payment for your bill. On your bill, you can also double check your residency status or you can reach out to

How to Register, Drop or Withdraw Online

 You can register for, drop or withdraw from most courses online with your myAims account. 

  1. Go to MyAims Students
  2. In the myAims login box, enter your username and password.
  3. If you do not have your username and password, click on Reset Password (PIN) and follow the instructions.
  4. Once you have logged in, click on the "Student" tab.
  5. Select "Add/Drop Classes" in the registration box (in the middle left column). (The first time you register online each semester, it will ask you to verify your address, phone number, and declared major.)
  6. If requested, enter your Advising PIN (you get this from your advisor).
  7. Select a term and click "Submit".
  8. To add a class: Enter the CRNs (course reference numbers) of the course(s) you are registering for at the bottom of the page in the "Add Classes Worksheet", and click the "Submit Changes" button.
    - You may use the "Class Search" button at the bottom of the page to find the CRNs for your courses, if needed. Review your Status. Always review the status message to be sure your request was successful.
  9. To drop or withdraw: Click on the drop box in the Action column and select "Web Drop or Web Withdrawal". Click the "Submit Changes" button to process your registration, drop or withdrawal. Always review the status message to be sure your request was successful.

Be sure to click on the "Exit Registration & View Fees" link at the very bottom of the page to view your schedule and bill. Check your schedule carefully to ensure that it is correct.

Please note that you will not be able to register for any course online after the add deadline. If you wish to add a course past the add deadline, please use the Course Late Add form. If you wish to drop or withdraw from a course past the deadline, you will need to complete an Administrative Registration Change Petition.

The following are error messages that you may encounter when attempting to register, drop or withdraw from a course:

  • Pre-Req and Test Score: the course has a prerequisite that you must meet in order to take it.
    • You will need to take the prerequisite class(es) or meet assessment requirements in order to register for the course.
      • Contact your advisor or request a Prerequisite Override from the instructor, if you feel you meet the requirements.
  • Major Error: this course is only for students who are in a specific major.
    • You will need to contact the academic department which oversees this course to request an override of required major.
  • Instructor/Department Approval: this course requires special approval for registration.
    • You will need to contact your advisor or the department offering the course to request permission.
  • Closed Section: the class is full. 
    • You may contact the instructor or department offering the course to request an override.
  • Time Conflict: this error indicates that you have overlapping classes for a time or date.
    • You may contact the instructor of the course you are attempting to add and request an override of the time overlap. 

The deadline to register for a class is usually the point that marks seven percent of course completion. For full-term Fall and Spring courses, this is five days into the semester. For Summer, it is three days into the semester, but shorter courses and late-starting courses have their own deadlines. Please be sure to read the course description in the Searchable Class Schedule for registration deadlines, prerequisites or other restrictions. After the Add Deadline has passed, adding or registering may be done on an exception basis only.

This may be requested by completing a Course Late Add Request form. This form requires that the student be attending the course prior to the drop deadline for the course in question, have the instructor's signature and the department signature as well. If you have questions about adding a course past the Add Deadline, please contact 

The deadline to drop a full-term course with a refund is the point that marks 15 percent of a course's completion. The deadline to withdraw from a full-term course (with no refund) is the point marking 75 percent of a course's completion. Shorter courses have earlier deadlines than courses in the full part of term. After you register for classes, be sure to make a note of the drop and withdrawal deadlines that show on your Printable Schedule/Bill in your myAims account.

Please do not assume you will be automatically withdrawn from a class by not attending. If you stop attending without dropping or withdrawing by the published deadline, you may receive a failing grade and may still be responsible for paying for the course.

If you need assistance with dropping or withdrawing from a course, please contact the Records and Registration Office at 970-339-6404 or at

If you had an extenuating circumstance that prevented you from adhering to the drop or withdrawal deadlines, you may submit an Administrative Registration Change Petition to the the Records and Registration Office by emailing or delivering your form in-person to any Aims campus.

Please be sure to include supporting documentation or your petition cannot be considered. We cannot accept add, drop or withdrawal requests over the phone.

Please note that Aims Community College has the right to cancel course offerings when enrollment is too low to make a course educationally sound and economically efficient. Tuition refunds will be issued for class cancellations.

  • Voter Registration

    In accordance with Colorado law HB 13-1147, you may now register to vote at the same time you register for classes at Aims Community College.

    Register to Vote

Refund Eligibility

  • Registration day through 15 percent of course: 100 percent refund.
  • Canceled classes: refund will be available after the refund period.
  • A drop form can be initiated online or in person, or in cases of emergency, by letter through the Student Enrollment and Records Office.
  • The date the request is received in the Student Enrollment and Registrar's Office will be used in determining eligibility for the refund.
  • The refund will be returned to the appropriate scholarship or grant fund or applied to the student's note in the loan fund.
  • Non-Credit Classes: refunds will be granted only for classes which are dropped prior to the first class meeting.

  • After 15 percent of course: no refund.
  • No tuition adjustments are made for a reduction in credits for any class withdrawn after the drop deadline for that course (the date marking 15 percent of the course).
  • If the student withdraws from a course prior to having paid for the course, the student is still liable for all tuition and fee charges.
  • Under extenuating circumstances, the college may grant refunds for tuition and special course fees to students who withdraw from college or make a reduction in credit hours after 15 percent of the course. Please visit the Cashier’s Office page for more information and to obtain a Tuition Appeal Form.

Even if classes are not attended, the student must still officially drop or withdraw by the specified deadline to avoid charges or failing grades or both.

To view your specific course drop/withdrawal deadlines:

  1. Login to myAims
  2. Click on your “Student” tab
  3. Click on "View a Printable Schedule" link found in the Registration box
  4. Choose a semester
  5. Click on “Submit”