Cashier's Office

The Cashier’s Office manages tuition and fees for Aims Community College and ensures that students have a positive experience paying for college by providing guidance and clear processes. 

Students who have questions about tuition and fees, need assistance paying or signing up for a MyPaymentPlan  can contact our office for assistance. 

Payment Deadlines

Summer/Fall 2021 semesters

  • Dec. 10th - Pay in full to avoid 1.75% service fee and registration holds
  • If you owe $200.00 or more for Fall 2021 semester, all Spring registrations may be cancelled on at end of day Jan. 24, 2022 (spring 2022 financial aid will not be disbursed to you until the balance is paid in full or you owe less than $200.00)
  • If you owe less than $200.00 for Fall 2021 semester, final payment deadline is May 10, 2022. 
  • Summer 2021 balances are due in full by March 1, 2022 to avoid being assigned to a collection agency and incurring additional fees. Registration for Spring 2022 will not be permitted until balance is paid in full.  

Spring 2022 Semester: 10pm, January 11, 2022 

  • Complete one of the Payment Options by deadline to avoid cancellation of your spring registrations
  • Register for  your Refund Choice. Direct Deposit option is available.  Check your school email for your enrollment code and signup instructions. 


Payment Services & Resources

  • Charging for Books

    Register for classes and charge up to $600 in books, book rental fees and supplies to your tuition account.

    See Bookstore for Details
  • Tuition & Fees

    Estimate how much it will cost to attend Aims and make your plan to pay for college.

    Learn How
  • Payment

    Learn how to register to secure your classes and arrange for your tuition and fees payments.

    Pay For College
  • Payment Plan

    Break up your college tuition and fees payments into manageable monthly installments.

  • Set Up Proxy

    Set up a parent or other proxy to manage or view your payment information in your myAims account.

    Guest Portal
  • Tax Credits

    Check out information and resources about taking advantage of available education tax credits.

    Tax Credit Information
  • Tuition Appeals

    Request tuition and fee charge adjustments from the tuition appeals committee.

    Learn How
  • Refunds

    Easily receive your refunds with a RefundSelect account.

  • Payment Responsibility

    Easily receive your refunds with a RefundSelect account.

    Student Financial Responsibilities Agreement
  • Tuition Sponsors

    If a private or governmental agency pays for any portion of your tuition, fees or books, they will require a bill from Aims.

    Third-Party Billing
  • FAQ

    See answers to the most commonly asked questions about subjects related to paying for college at Aims.

    See FAQs

Cashier’s Office Staff

Dedicated to providing assistance and resources for students paying for college.