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Animal Science students caring for a calf

Animal Science

Earn an Animal Science Associate Degree at Aims

Combine your interest in working with and caring for livestock animals and the food systems that support them to earn an animal science associate degree. Choose from two degree tracks designed to foster your success:

  1. You can pursue an associate of applied science degree and enter the workforce directly after completing the two-year program. 
  2. If you plan to go on to earn a bachelor’s degree at a participating public four-year Colorado school, you can choose a liberal arts associate of science degree with designation

Earn your animal science degree in Weld County, Colorado, where agriculture and ranching are leading industries. Become an asset to employers by learning hands-on skills from instructors with decades of practical experience. At Aims, you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships and make industry connections that can serve you throughout your career while learning subjects including:

  • Anatomy and physiology of farm animals
  • Feeds and feeding
  • Health and care of livestock
  • Agricultural economics

Learn What It Takes To Work With Livestock

Aims Degree Video - Agricultural Sciences and Technology - Animal Science

Animal science instructor Dr. Bill Bennet describes the technical and career skills you’ll gain with an associate degree in animal science from Aims.

Gain Practical Skills and Industry Knowledge With an Animal Science Degree

You’ll have many opportunities for hands-on learning in laboratory settings while working side by side with Aims animal science instructors. 

Learn key principles and practices for working with livestock, including:

  • Livestock reproductive management
  • Livestock immunology management
  • Creating and balancing a ration
  • Livestock care: health, feed, stress and housing
  • Understanding animals as consumer food products
  • Farm and ranch financial and marketing management

In addition to these foundational skills, you’ll have opportunities to develop the soft skills that employers want such as critical thinking, planning and problem-solving. 

Earn an Animal Science Certificate

Explore specific areas of animal science to begin working toward a degree or boost your skills. These one-year certificate programs will teach you animal handling basics, nutrition management, animal care and more.

  • Introduction to Animal Science Certificate
  • Animal Science Certificate

Careers in Animal Science

When you earn an animal science degree or certificate at Aims, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge required to begin an agriculture career. The animal science program prepares you to work in various roles from entry-level to management in areas including:

  • Livestock feed
  • Processing
  • Sales
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Livestock supplies
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Customer service
  • Feedlot management
$52,305 Median salary w/associate Source:
96% Licensure exam pass rate After graduating Aims program
  • Agriculture educator
  • Agriculture extension agent
  • Government
  • Veterinarian: large animal
  • Food safety
  • Inspection
  • Genetics and breeding
  • Animal nutrition
  • Livestock production

Animal Science Faculty and Staff

Aims animal science instructors are highly experienced industry professionals who have worked in the field in many capacities. They bring real-world knowledge to the classroom and lab to help students prepare for a career in agriculture. The small class sizes mean you’ll have many opportunities for one-on-one instruction and hands-on experiences.

  • Headshot of Amy McFarland

    Amy McFarland

    Department Chair, Agriculture
  • Headshot of Cassandra Anderson

    Cassandra Anderson

    Part-Time: Faculty, Agriculture
  • Headshot of Jason French

    Jason French

    Part-Time: Faculty, Agriculture
  • Headshot of Lynn Ingegneri

    Lynn Ingegneri

    Part-Time: Instructional Lab Coordinator I, Agriculture Sciences
  • Headshot of David Swieter

    David Swieter

    Part-Time: Professional Equipment Mechanic, Automotive
  • Megan Blaser headshot

    Megan Blaser

    Department Coordinator, Agriculture & Technology
  • Linda Richardson headshot

    Linda Richardson

    Staff Associate, Business & Technology